Without any knowledge about doing email conversion or experience with such method, you still can convert EML files into PDF format very easily, with use of this converter tool “EML to PDF”. It is relieve to know that such tool are available in market that allows us to get our mails change to PDF format.

Innovation at its BEST

Very easy & simple working method for a complicated task. Program installation is very simple, it can run with any Windows platform you want. There is no requirement for a helper application or some download manager for installation. It can be directly downloaded from the product website & install in the machine.


Coming with batch mode option, EML to PDF Converter ensure that we get a very quick conversion of emails done. Just have all mails save in a single folder then convert that entire folder files to Adobe Document format.


While using this tool, I also made use of its file naming option, which I found very useful. This options allows to save the mails after conversion to pdf according to our need. It renamed the files according the option I selected. My requirement was to get the emails according to the subject of my mails, so they were saved in that sequence.

For saving the attachment files also there is a separate option. The first one was to save attachment files within the PDF & the second one is saving attachments in separate folder. I choose the first option which allows me to find the additional file inside the PDF file.

Final Evaluation

Definitely comes handy when there is need to convert EML files to PDF format. As it supports EML files from all applications who supports this format, there is no problem of EML files compatibility. Also the converted PDF files can be opened & read in any Adobe Version up to 11.0. Speed is also not a problem. Though it would have been amazing if it could work in Mac OS, but overall a fulfill application.