Facing stiff competition from newer models in the marketplace, the current GoPro family has a member for every budget within its lineup from the entry level Hero to the premium Hero4 Black. Despite their relatively similar looks, each of the six models has a slightly different feature package that makes it the best choice for a certain type of user, and Harvey Norman has a full selection of GoPro cameras in stock for fast delivery.

GoPro video camera

Value Choice: Hero

At under $150, the base level Hero is an inexpensive introduction to the GoPro line, but that doesn’t mean it’s short on features. The Hero turns in 1080p video at 30 frames per second as well as 720p footage at 60fps, and also captures 5 megapixel stills in single shots, bursts of 10, and in a special time-lapse mode that captures 2 images per second. It doesn’t have a screen like its higher-end cousins, so positioning it for optimal shots is a bit more difficult, and it also lacks WiFi connectivity so it has to transfer its captured images and video via USB, but is overall unmatched for its combination of GoPro toughness and relatively low cost.

Everything You Need: Hero+ LCD

The next significant step up from the standard Hero is the Hero+ LCD, which claims a touch responsive LCD screen as its most visible upgrade. The screen allows preview as well as playback, and allows easy access to camera settings along with native photo and video editing capabilities. The Hero+ LCD can generate 1080p video at 60fps as well 8MP stills, and adds Wi-Fi functionality for instant transfer of footage to a smartphone or tablet. The Hero+ LCD also has an easy-to-use shooting interface, making it an excellent choice for beginners to the GoPro experience.

Premium Pick: Hero4 Silver

Although the $600 Hero4 Black is the single most powerful camera available from the manufacturer, the substantially less expensive Hero4 Silver delivers the best set of features for casual users. Along with the Hero4 Black, the Silver is one of the only two models to record video at 4K quality, and captures standard HD 720p video at a blazing 120fps.

The Hero4 Silver boasts some of the best video quality on the market thanks to its advanced image sensor and internal processor. It also has the LCD screen that even the top-shelf Black model does without in exchange for even better imaging, making it the ultimate GoPro model for all but the most discerning photography professionals.