In the year 2014, every tech enthusiast carries an iPhone. Regardless of the age, from young to old, people have become fond of discovering the exciting apps iOS offers. Having millions of users, the iOS technology has gained huge popularity. Whether you have purchased a new iPhone such as iPhone 5 or you have old and trendy iPhone 4S, there is a plethora of latest apps which you can discover:

must have iphone apps

20 Minute Meals- Food app

jamie oliver
Cooking is easy with this app. The amazing app involves 60 recipes which take around 20 minutes or less for preparation and cooking. Well-known British chef Jamie Oliver provides his awesome kitchen recipes. He guides the list of ingredients which he breaks down ingredients complementing each recipe with step-by-step instructions.

The amazing food app consists of videos which iPhone users can download and with the help of basic kitchen skills they can prepare plenty of dishes. Cooking enthusiasts can learn to cook delicious al dente pasta, pasta salads and more.

The app provides such easy-to-cook meals adding an element of taste, which even the most nervous of cooks would feel confident of while trying.

Yahoo Weather- Utility app

Yahoo Weather
This is a free iOS app allows iPhone users to get a quick glance of the weather forecast and more detailed information.

The main screen of Yahoo Weather app offers splendid photography which displays location, time, and current weather conditions to give a picture which fits into it. There is also an over the background photo which presents the existing conditions, along with a 24 hour chart weather forecast, a ten day weather prediction, detailed description of the weather condition in each city such as sunrise, wind, sunset, interactive radar map and moon phase chart.

Heyday (Free, iPhone)- Utility app

Heyday is a free iPhone app which is basically an automatic journal. This app allows you to keep a record of what all you do, without deeply emphasizing over it. This wonderful automatic journal actually does offer a great journal experience to users. iPhone users can write their own creative entries which can shine on their iPhone screen.

Heyday works by simply having an iPhone which will automatically record anything a user will want to such as the location, images and the special places. Heyday, the journal is developed automatically which allows you to create a collection of map inserts, photos, and little descriptors.


It is a wonderful app which allows users to send flowers to their dear ones on special days such as Valentine’s Day, birthday, anniversary, child birth and other days. Flowers available at the site are fresh and are delivered to the receiver’s address in the shortest time possible.

If you carry an iPhone, discover the wonderful apps described above and explore your iPhone like never before.