, the famed company which is providing coupon codes to the customers, is now concentrating on the social services too. The company which has wide contacts among the online merchants who are always keen to provide the company with all the information regarding the coupon codes which the merchants offer to their customers from time to time. The customers highlight this company where they are able to get up to date information about the coupon codes. The most important thing about the coupon codes is the validity period and you have to approach the merchant within the validity period or else you will miss the opportunity of getting the announced discount for the item even if you have the coupon code with you. The coupon machine provides this very important episode of the whole story in the nick of time and with ample details. This is the reason why the coupon machine is so popular among the customers.

Coupon Machine Social Cause

But what I was going to refer regarding the coupon machine company is that they are now upfront in the social front and coming out with a social event very shortly in the city of Hyderabad. On the 15th of January 2015 they are going to celebrate the birth anniversary of the great Indian sage Swami Vivekanand. 15th January is the birth day of the Indian philosopher who played a formidable role in building the Indian nationality during a time of the country when the whole nation was highly de-motivated owing to the long 200 years of dependence under the despotic rule of the British imperialists. Vivekanand aroused the confidence in the minds of the people of the country by highlighting the bright legacy of the country. Due to his continuous preaching, the people of the whole of India gradually stood firmly on their feet which sowed the foundation of the later freedom struggle of the country.

The coupon machine company has very rightly selected this great occasion for celebration and they have arranged a blood donation camp in your city of Hyderabad on 15th of January 2015. The company is extending its whole hearted invitation to everybody for attending this grand program and commemorating the memory of the great fighter of the country. The venue of the program is Gandhi Nagar Committee Hall, Balanagar, Hyderabad and the date is 15.1.2015.

In this age when all the corporate are only after the profit, here is an organization which is coming up to stand for the social cause. The company has planned to manage this huge program by donating 25% of their money earned through the activities of the coupon machine to it. This is a unique venture seldom found among the business fraternities nowadays. Let us all put our weight against this company in their sacred venture for the poor and the destitute of the country who are always left out in the fray. The company requests all and sundry to join this event and make the program a grand success.

We will update pics of blood donation camp on 16th January.