Brosix Review – Group Chat, Screen Sharing and File Transfer Solution


In this digital age, instant messengers are increasingly the preferred mode of communication. The market is flooded with a variety of chat applications, such as Viber, Skype, etc. However, the question remains: do these apps have the necessary features and security measures for your team members to collaborate and share their ideas in the safest and most efficient way?

Brosix messenger

Absolutely not, and this is why businesses need dedicated team chat with the appropriate security and collaboration features. When you are running a business, you should not have to worry about data being lost or leaked by some experienced hacker.

Brosix Messenger to do more

Brosix group chat is an application, which is specially crafted to solve all of your business communication needs. With all the features of a regular chat application, Brosix additionally comes with multiple essential features for smooth communication between team members.

All communication channels on the Brosix Team Network are highly secure, ensuring that your team members can use all features safely.

Some of the notable features of this app are:

(a) Group and private chat
(b) Unlimited size file transfer
(c) Screen sharing
(d) Screen-shot
(e) Whiteboard

Brosix is available in three plans:

(a) Basic
(b) Pro
(c) Ultimate

Let’s find out what advantages Brosix offers over other chat applications: –

1. Easy to Use Interface

The Brosix Messenger App has an intuitive and uncomplicated user interface. All the features are stacked right in the primary interface, and they can be easily accessed by clicking on them. If you want to use the whiteboard or send a screenshot to your team, you just need to click the specific icons on the window and follow the simple instructions.

2. Multiple Languages

The Brosix software is not just limited to English, and you can switch to your mother tongue from the software. Brosix allows users to have a customized working experience to suit their comfort levels.

3. Premium Tech Support

If you encounter any problems with the service or have any uncertainties, the premium support team will always be there to help you. You can contact them directly, and they will assist you in a matter of minutes.

4. Brosix Features

Let’s have a look at some of the unique features that are offered by Brosix messenger:

(a) Secure & Private Controlled Network

Instead of having a public network susceptible to hackers, Brosix gives users a private and secure network. Running Brosix on a private network gives the administrator full control over the entire team, granting and restricting privileges as necessary. The administrator can even manage multiple networks at the same time.

(b) Send and Receive Screenshots and Media

Brosix messenger lets you seamlessly send and receive media files between team members. Moreover, you can also take an instant screenshot of your screen and share it with others.

(c) Group Chat

The group chat feature allows you to add multiple team members in a single chat session. It enables all users to share their ideas and send files to each other.

(d) Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is a feature of Brosix which comes with an additional remote control option. This allows you to either share the view of your screen, or grant a team member access to work on your screen, making collaboration even more efficient. 

Brosix messenger whiteboard

(e) Whiteboard

With the whiteboard feature, you can quickly visually guide your team members through an interactive creative space. Add them to the whiteboard conference feature and show them your skills.

Here are some reasons why Brosix is a good option for your company.

  1. User-friendly interface
  2. Secure network
  3. Allows team members to share files and whiteboards to maintain a consistent flow of information
  4. The group chat feature enables the users to collaborate and work as a team


Brosix business instant messenger is an extraordinary collaboration tool for effective team communication. It offers excellent features such as screen sharing, voice and video chat, file transfer feature, etc.

If you are looking for a reliable and feature-rich team collaboration tool, then look no further and give this excellent software a try. It is bound to impress you with its full set of features and ability you facilitate the seamless transfer of valuable information between your team members. If you want powerful software for business communication, then this is it!


  1. I have been using Brosix for quite a long time and I can say that due to it the staff in the office has become a team. We have been working together, sending files, call each other instantly with high encryption. The best available messenger for business communication on the market!


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