What Does TB Mean on Instagram

Perhaps you have noticed the use of TB on Instagram and are interested to know what it stands for. Everyone does not know all acronyms used on the platform. So, don’t feel embarrassed.

Commonly TB stands for Text back, Throwback, or Throwback Thursday on Instagram. Believe this acronym has various meanings in different contexts. So the hashtag #tb can define different meanings.

This article covers much more about TB, don’t skip any part to learn its meaning and use.

What does TB mean on Instagram

What Does TB Mean On Instagram

Many people search for what TB means on Instagram, while others use it for Throwback, Text back, etc.

One more meaning for TB is Throwback Thursday. That’s why some Instagrammers share their old photos sentimentally every Thursday. In addition, they add hashtags #tb and #throwbackthursday to their posts.

Nowadays, these hashtags are popular enough, so people tag and share millions of photos with them.

Instead of commenting on someone’s photo and video, you can use the text back feature to message them privately on Instagram.

What Does Text Back Mean On Instagram

Two users can send private chat messages to each other using the text back feature on Instagram. You see the “text back” button next to the user’s name after getting a message from him. You can tap this button to open a chat and text him privately.

Another Meaning Of TB On Social Media

People can use the #tb on Instagram for several reasons. The first possible long form can be “throwback.” It means someone is sharing old photos from their collection or they found them online.

Sometimes, the #tb refers to “Timehop Bestie.” People love to share their pictures with their best friends on the Timehop app. This trend started from there. Now, people are doing the same on Instagram. You can use the #tb while sharing your picture with your bestie to participate in the trend.

How To Participate In Throwback Thursday?

Anyone can easily participate in Throwback Thursday.

  • Upload an old photo.
  • Type a pretty caption related to the memory.
  • Add the #tbt or #throwbackthursday, and
  • Post it on Instagram.

This way, you can reinvent your reminiscing past.


Most commonly, TB refers to Throwback, Throwback Thursday, and Text Back. But, sometimes, getting the actual context becomes difficult for anyone. If you see the acronym in a text or social media post, don’t hesitate to ask about its meaning from the second person.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does TB stand for in texting?

The slang term TB has different meanings, like text back, tagged by, too busy, or tough break. This abbreviation has countless full-form around the globe in different industries, as doctors use TB for tuberculosis while engineers use TB for terabytes.

What are the most common slangs on Instagram?

TB is not the only slang that we use on Instagram. There are many more. A few of them are –

  • TM – Too much, tomorrow
  • TTYL – Talk to you later
  • LOL – Laughing out loud
  • TBH – To be honest
  • WTW – What’s the word

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