How Often Does Snap Score Update?

You can send snaps to your Snapchat friends and compare snap scores. But how often does Snap score update? Does snap score update instantly or not? What do you think, my friend? Don’t worry. I’ll help you.

Your Snapchat score depends on the number of exchanged snaps with your friends. This score helps you determine the user’s engagement level on the platform.

But the question is, how often does Snapchat score update? I bet you were searching the same and landed on our blog.

We have a definitive guide answering “how often does Snapscore update” and other frequently asked questions. Keep reading the article to get complete information.

How often does Snap score update

How Often Does Snap Score Update?

As you send or receive a snap, your snap score updates. But, it may take time to reflect the change.

Your snap score updates right away after sending or receiving snaps. However, your friend’s score won’t update instantly like yours. So you have to keep patience to see their updated score.

But why this happens? The delay may be maintained to hide the user’s online status and activities. It’s not instant noodles. You have to wait for the snap score to update. Sometimes, it takes hardly five minutes or rarely a couple of hours.

If your friend’s snap score does not update even after passing many hours, this might happen due to some technical glitch. In this case, you can quit (force close) and reopen the Snapchat app. After that, you’ll see the snap score is updated.

Can You See When Someone Checks Your Snap Score?

No, you can’t see if someone checks your snap score. Snapchat hasn’t rolled out the feature to notify you when someone visits your profile and checks your snap score. Also, the app doesn’t show you how many times they have watched your story.

Most importantly, you only see someone else’s score if they have added you as a friend. As they won’t get any notification, you checked their snap score, so enjoy the feature and compete with them.

How To Increase Your Snapchat Score?

Your snap score goes up with the number of snaps sent and received. So your friends can compare their scores with yours. Do you fight such battles with your friends?

So, how to increase your score and rule the Kingdom of Snapchat. The following ways may help you step ahead of your competitors.

  • Add as many friends as you can and start streaks with them.
  • Remember to send good morning and good night snaps. If you make this habit, you can increase your score by spending a few minutes daily.
  • Invest some time to watch every snap and story coming your way. After all, you are fighting a battle will bulls, and your score goes up will such little things.
  • Post more stories. Posting more stories will skyrocket your snap score.
  • Watch videos in the discover section. Yes, watching random videos in the discover section also contributes to your score.
  • Engage with celebrities to increase your snap score. They often open fans’ snaps and reply to them with snaps. So you can improve your Snapchat score.
  • Like celebs, brands can help you improve your snap score. So keep exchanging snaps with them. Their employed agencies will watch your snaps.
  • Take a break from Snapchat. Yes, Snapchat offers bonus points to users who rejoin them after taking a break.

Scammers know how desperate you are to improve your Snapchat score, so they trick you for money. The harsh truth is that third parties cannot help you increase your score. It increases with your effort only. So, don’t waste your hard-earned money.

Does Snap Score Update Instantly?

We have already discussed when does snap score update. Your snap score refreshes instantly after exchanging snaps, but your friends can see your updated snap score after a few minutes or even hours. The same happens to you.

Can Your Snapchat Score Go Up Without Opening Snaps?

Why not? Your Snapchat score goes up without opening snaps. No need to open the snap you receive. You have to maintain your streaks with other Snapchatters. As they open your received snap, your snap score increases.

Besides, your score will increase when a Snapchat user adds you as a friend or views your story. Thus, we can say use Snapchat proactively to improve your score.

In the same way, you can also help increase someone’s snap score.


Snapchat users are crazy about increasing their snap scores. They believe high snap scores will make them more popular on Snapchat.

So how was our article about “how often does snap score update,” “does Snapchat score update instantly,” “who can view your snap score,” and ways to increase your score?

Still have any doubts? Please leave your comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does Snapchat score update?

Your snap score update instantly after you send or receive snaps. But you can’t see your friends’ snap scores in real-time. Their score may take a while to get updated.

Do snap scores automatically update?

Yes, snap scores automatically update after exchanging many snaps with friends, celebs, and brands.

How often do friends’ snap scores update?

Your friends’ snap scores take hardly five minutes to update. Sometimes, it updates after many hours.

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