What Does PC Mean on Instagram

We have been enjoying the globally popular photo and video-sharing app Instagram since 2012. People are sharing their reel as well as real lives with captions and hashtags. In the smartphone age, people love to use abbreviations instead of typing full words. Sometimes, you may fail to grab the context. And it leaves you confused all day.

The term PC on Instagram can be used for Photo Credit or Photo Courtesy. But people also short Personal Computer or celebrity Priyanka Chopra as PC. You have to understand the Instagram post or reel to understand the real meaning of PC.

What does PC mean on Instagram

PC Meaning on Instagram

1. Photo/Picture/Pic Credit

Photo Credit or Picture Credit is the PC meaning in photography. People love to give photo credit to a photographer or website from where it was originally taken. It is the most relevant meaning of PC on Instagram because its most content is whether photo or video.

2. Photo Courtesy

People think Photo Credit and Photo Courtesy are the same, but photo courtesy is used when two or more people are involved in creating the content. And people give credit to everyone.

So, I believe you grab the context and never be confused in the future.

3. Private Chat

Private Chat means chatting in vanish mode on Instagram.

People can use the abbreviation PC to invite someone to chat in vanish mode on Instagram. So, decipher PC as private or personal chat if someone is chatting and messaging you. The slang PC has been used on WhatsApp and Snapchat for a long time.

4. Perspective Correction

Perspective Correction means correcting the alignment of your image using a six-square grid. Photographers usually correct the image alignment on the x and y-axis before uploading on social media.

So, they abbreviate the term perspective correction as PC. Its use is most common among photographers and their fans.

5. Personal Computer

Personal Computer means the computer or laptop you are using in your daily life.

Instagram users sharing information about computers and technology often use the abbreviation PC.  Also, Instagram’s community guidelines have also used the abbreviation PC in many places. After reading the post or page, you can sense that it has been used for Personal Computer.

6. Politically Correct

‘Politically correct’ means accepting society’s progressive political views and never opposing the same views. Politically correctness is another close term that can be referred to.

It fits into this context because politics is involved in almost everything. And people are sharing their own political views on different matters using social media.

7. Police Constable

Police Constable is a police officer of the lowest rank in any country.

If you have seen a picture on social media with the caption PC featuring a police officer, you can easily relate it to a police constable.

8. Protective Custody

Protective Custody means putting someone in jail for their safety.

If you are reading a piece of news on social media that mentions the acronym PC,  it could be related to Protective Custody. So, never forget to understand what it is talking about and then decipher the acronym accordingly.


Now, you got the answer to your question, what does PC mean on Instagram? Of course, to decipher the meaning, you must decipher the context first. Then, you’ll be able to understand why PC is used in the caption or text.

As Instagram lets share photos and videos and chat with friends, therefore the abbreviation PC could mean Photo Credit, Photo Courtesy, or Private Chat. Perspective Correction is another term related to photographs, so users can also refer to it. So, its use is more widespread.

Don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends, so they can know what PC means on Instagram. This way, you can share their time and efforts.

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