What Does WSG Mean On Snapchat

Snapchat users love to use acronyms on the platform. But, often, newbies don’t understand them and their use. You wonder, you knew it but couldn’t guess it the first time. For example, you get a message or video with WSG and wonder what WSG means on Snapchat.

According to Urban Dictionary, WSG stands for What’s Good, whether on Snapchat or in text. It’s fantabulous to start up a conversation by sending “WSG.” Gen Z uses it instead of, ‘Hello, how are you’ or ‘how are you doing.’ But it’s gaining popularity among all age groups.

It’s not only being used on Snapchat but also popular on TikTok, WhatsApp, and in texting. However, only some people can understand the meaning of WSG in text messages when they receive it for the first time.

In this article, we have explained everything you need to know about the abbreviation WSG. So, you’ll learn how to respond to WSG on social media platforms.

What does WSG mean on Snapchat

What is WSG?

The term WSG is an acronym for “What’s Good.” It’s a common American greeting when two people meet and want to know about each other. Snapchat users have been using it for a while. They start their conversation with it. When someone wants to know how you are doing, they send you WSG in text or a snap.

It’s an alternative meaning of “Hey, what’s up,” “How are you,” or “how’s it going.” The aforementioned greeting sentences are somewhat similar but not exactly the same.

How is WSG Used?

You can use the conversation starter slang WSG in your face-to-face conversation or over a phone call, only say it clearly to convey its meaning to the second person.

WSG is commonly used to start conversations but focuses on suggestions for a specific activity. You can start your conversation with WSG, but it should be related to the context. Otherwise, it will convey an entirely different meaning.

People often fail to guess its full form because ‘S’ is present between ‘W’ and ‘G.’ However, the first two letters, WS, represent “What’s,” so people get confused.

When to Use WSG on Snapchat?

People commonly use WSG on Snapchat’s chat feature. But some users post “WSG” in their stories. So let’s learn when to use WSG on Snapchat.

  • When starting a conversation with your friend after a long time.
  • When you want to follow up after making a plan with your friend.
  • When you want to plan your weekend or holidays, especially parties, clubbing, tour, or other events.
  • When you are inquiring about a new location to travel for.

It’s recommended never to use it in formal conversation, it might look weird. Instead, you should maintain decorum during professional talk whether doing paperwork or during the conversation.

Always use it during a casual conversation with your friends only, not with everyone.

How to Respond to WSG on Snapchat?

New Snapchat users will find it difficult to understand this acronym. So before responding to a message, snap, or story with WSG, first explore the proper context. Otherwise, the meaning will be a disaster.

When the meaning is “What’s Good,” you can respond accordingly. The other party wants to know how you are. If you had a plan with them for the weekend or holiday, send more details about the location and events.

You can ignore this message from someone you don’t want to chat or plan with.

Other Meanings of WSG

It’s the only context that is changing the meaning of WSG:

  • With Special Guest
  • Word-Study Group
  • Workstation Gateway
  • Working Systems Group
  • Web Standards Group
  • Windows Socket Group
  • Wireless Subscriber Gateway
  • Wireless Services Gateway
  • Web Services Gateway
  • Web Security Gaurd
  • World Surfing Games
  • Wholesale Service Group
  • Water Sewer Gas
  • Wrestling Sports and Games
  • World Geodetic System
  • World Shadow Government

Perhaps I left a few long forms, but people rarely mean WSG for them.


The use of acronyms has become popular on Snapchat. People have also started using WSG in messages, snaps, stories, captions, and hashtags on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp, or text. So, you should reply to it after getting the context.

One of these acronyms, “WSG,” is a casual conversation starter. People ask others how they are doing and do they have plans for the holidays.

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What does WSG mean in the text message?

WSG means “What’s Good” or “With Special Guest” in the text message.

How do I respond to WSG?

You should first understand the context before responding to WSG. When it’s used for What’s Good, reply that you are fine. If you have a holiday plan with friends, reply with details about the location and other activities.

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