Mobile phones have become an essential and inseparable part of everyone’s daily lives. The users of mobile phones have made the gadget a vital aspect of daily routine. When it comes to comfort in use and features, the BlackBerry series of mobile phones take a toll on other phone devices. The latest device from the BlackBerry series is the new BlackBerry Classic that endows the combination of utility, specifications and modern look to get you the best phone to buy. Once you buy this mobile phone online, you will get a pool of striking features and classic traits. Let’s have a look at the expert reviews on this BlackBerry marvel phone to know more about the best phone to buy this season.

blackberry classic review

The BlackBerry Classic Review

Design and Built

The last year’s signature design of the BlackBerry Bold, also known as the QQ10, has already taken a swing over the market. The Classic range is originally called the Q20. With its surprisingly larger than the Q10’s design, it retains the 720 x 720-pixels resolution. The tall and wide feature of the BlackBerry Classic makes it the best phone to buy this year. Designed with a stainless-steel frame, this phone has borders with the metal section. It lends the strength and style to the phone. The volume controls and mute buttons are well-placed on the right side of the mobile phone, whereas, the SIM and SD card slots sit on the left side. The rear side of the mobile phone offers a firm grip that is smooth to touch. The creative and tough design of the BlackBerry Classic makes it a must-have phone.

Camera and Performance

The BlackBerry Classic features an 8-megapixel camera that can capture some striking shots. With sufficient light and a steady subject, the camera performs at its peak. The autofocus is quick and makes intelligent recommendations on new camera modes as you click snap photos. Featuring a dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm 8960, the BlackBerry Classic is one of the best mobile phones online. Coupled with 2GB RAM, this phone steps out of its comfort zone and offers 16GB of storage space. You can also add an extra Micro SD card of up to 128GB to infuse an additional data expanse. The phone’s speakers are pleasantly loud and have an excellent audio output. Get more information on this Classic range of Blackberry series and pick the best phone to buy.

Software and Battery Life

The BlackBerry Classic works on BlackBerry 10.3.1 and largely supports Android apps as well. You can also find the BlackBerry World app store where you can get secure and business level BlackBerry apps. Now, you can also easily turn into the Amazon app store for all your entertainment needs. The BlackBerry Blend is a command centre that is featured in every Classic phone. This software allows you to write emails, text messages, BBMs and respond to all of your messages through the app. You can easily check the calendars and contacts synced with your phone. One of the most compelling features of Blend is the file management that gives you access to everything on the device. Add files, photos and videos to your BlackBerry device right through Blend. The excellent software specifications make this phone one of the best mobile phones.

Also, the phone has 17 hours of talk time and a video playback of over 13 hours. The user can utilise the phone for web browsing, writing, phone calls, navigating the BlackBerry apps and messaging. So, with all these useful and amazing features, the Classic’s performance has got rave reviews.


The BlackBerry Classic is fairly a supreme mobile phone than its last year’s forerunner Q10. The BlackBerry series of best mobile phones are famous for their perfect combo of utility, precision in design and classic range of gadgets. With efficient software, comfortable hold and keyboard specialization, the BlackBerry Classic remains one of the best phones to buy. This mobile phone sports an ideal mix of brand, features and bold looks.