NordVPN is really a Panamanian company and among the greatest dedicated to security we have seen at BestVPN. It accomplishes this not just through its location but additionally with the technologies it offers. Although this includes a couple of disadvantages: mainly speed, it’s a small issue considering you gain individual protection and privacy. Like all VPN providers available, NordVPN offers one standard plan with growing discount rates the longer you choose to use it. While their monthly plans are the pricier option, their yearly plan isn’t just cheap but excellent good value.nordvpn-advanced-vpn

Pricing and other Features

There’s also the potential of a 3-day free trial offer available should you send them an email having a request, or perhaps a thirty-day money-back guarantee – but like many companies, this is limited too. NordVPN is an excellent Panama based service by having an extreme dedication towards security, once we outline below. Their service has greater than 80 servers across 26 countries, compatible with many devices, including modems. They give you as much as six synchronized connections without any limitations whatsoever, meaning technology-not only on the run and in your home. Not surprisingly additionally they allow P2P file sharing, accept Bitcoin as well as their client and software boast a variety of features not present in a multitude of locations elsewhere.

Seeing the Security and Privacy

Better securityBeing located in Panama implies that NordVPN is well situated to operate a safe and secure VPN service because it puts them outdoors of EU and USA jurisdiction – plus they fully utilize this chance. The main protection they safeguard is there are simply no logs. To help the safety they offer an excellent 256 bit AES Open VPN protection as well as their client has numerous features to make it also safer. In addition, you will find PPTP and L2TP/IPSec connections available. NordVPN can also be among the only VPNs to permit Tor over VPN and it has a dual-hop file encryption system that’s virtually unbreakable. On the top of this NordVPN have numerous free tools online to assist further safeguard your privacy, security and communications. Overall NordVPN is faultless within this category.

Incredible Live Support

Better supportNordVPN includes a very fluid, smartly designed and detailed website. Their set-up instructions are extremely simple to follow. They have ample documentation to assist beginners and techies alike and they’re current using their social media. Additionally they have many free tools like pointed out NordVPN includes a fantastic understanding base and FAQ. But on the top of this they likewise have an incredible 24/7 live support. Whenever we have spoken for them they could answer both easy and technical questions inside a breeze. In contrast to some VPN companies, the waiting there was a time extremely small. Just in case you aren’t in a rush or simply possess some general questions they likewise have a ticket support system available.

Free Tools Provided

NordVPN offers numerous free proxies available. These, much like their service, does not keep any logs, but does not encrypt your information. The web site consists of numerous proxy tools and you may also use a proxy word press plugging for Google Chrome too. As we tested, and as expected they are quite simple tools but are sufficient for simple IP address masking / ‘hiding within the jungle’. Secret Notes enables you to definitely a secret, encoded message to a person. Once the message is read clearly it will self destruct and will never be visible again. Think Snapchat for text, just a little safer.


They likewise have an encoded chat section. Pass the hyperlink along for your buddies plus they can participate in having a completely anonymous conversation, on top of that no particulars are needed to go in the chat room. So the conclusion comes as people liked a many of the positive points of VPN service such as there are no logs. It has a fantastic security which helps us with great advantage. It accepts bitcoin. It allows P2P/ file sharing and torrent. Also it has plenty of simultaneous connections. So there is nothing people would not like in it or hate it. Although all this comes at the expense of speed (and cash if you join for shorter period) honestly it can be concluded that if privacy is the ultimate goal this is among the top options available.