Awesome Science Inventions of the Year


Science inventions are the only thing that is taking the world to another new level. With the rate of inventions been made every year there is an upgradation of technology. There are mind-blowing inventions which ensure a better life in the coming future. There is a general awareness section in bank exam one of which is IBPS Exam especially in IBPS clerk mains and IBPS PO mains where candidates are asked to answer questions from current affairs emphasizing on science inventions. The SBI exam also includes this section. There is a sectional cut-off too which needs to be cleared in order to qualify so this section must not be taken lightly. Some of these awesome science inventions of the year that tops the list are listed below.

Have a Look at these Science Inventions…

1. The levitating Lightbulb

Levitating lightbulb

Simon Morris has made a lightbulb that floats in midair for 22 years. It works on the principle of electromagnetism and resonant inductive coupling which is another term for wireless power transmission. Flyte works with the opposing forces of magnets built into the bulb as well as the wooden base. The magnets in the wooden blocks supply wireless power to the bulb. Apart from this, the wooden base also acts as a wireless charger for all Qi-charging smartphones.

2. The Folding Bike Helmet

Folding helmet

Most accidents are due to heavy and thick helmets that usually are difficult to carry. Jeff Woolf also suffered the same. He came up with a bike helmet which is made from plastics that fits into a bag and is equally strong that meets every safety requirement. This folding bike helmet is also for bicycles and invented with an intention to save many lives.

3. The Headset Leading a Virtual Revolution

Virtual revolution

Virtual reality is changing the concept of education. The graphics, audio processing, computing, and feedback are included here. This version is best for a classroom where education is compared with real-life objects through air projection technology and 3D animation. This is not just a headset but a computer PlayStation or a Sony’s PlayStation VR which is a boon to the gamers.

4. The Ultimate Alarm Clock

Ultimate alarm clock

The ultimate Alarm Clock is named Sense by James Proud, CEO of Hello, where it is made. This is no simple alarm clock that ruins our sleep in the morning by the awful sound. This alarm clock can record the temperature, humidity, air and light quality by simple voice commands. Definitely, an amazing invention to watch out for where there lies no complexity and no interference in sleep which is one of the basic requirement of one’s living.

5. A Sleeker, Smarter Toothbrush

Smarter toothbrush

This a simple, battery-powered and affordable toothbrush that sets a two-minute timer which vibrates every 30 seconds and reminds users to switch positions. The toothbrush is also available in the matte metallic finish so it does not require changing of bristles every after 3 months and is convenient for users to maintain a healthy gum.

6. The All-Purpose Shelter

All purpose shelter

The aim of All-Purpose Shelter is to improve the lives of persons affected by armed conflicts and natural calamities. A line of temporary houses with door locks and solar panels, much like the retailer’s popular furniture. Maximum houses have air conditioners which are plastic bottles cut in half to facilitate air flow. Better Shelter means a one-for-all shelter.

7. The No-Touch Thermometer

No touch thermometer

No-Touch Thermometers use infrared technology to measure core body temperature without being in contact. The device is made to place an inch from a patient’s forehead in 2.5 seconds which is coded red, yellow or green depending on the reading. The health care professionals advise the upgraded technology to all the patients.

8. Sweet Potatoes that Could Save Lives

Sweet potatoes

The orange-fleshed potato prevents the natives of sub-Saharan Africa where the children under the age 6 suffer from a vitamin A deficiency which mostly leads to malaria, blindness and more. The pills were not efficient enough to cure the disease so plant scientist decided to plant and harvest these potatoes. They are also more resistant to viruses and droughts.

9. A Crowd-Pleasing Electric Car

Electric car

Fossil fuels are limited on this planet which is the reason there is a hike of fuel every alternate year. General Motors did an awesome invention where Chevrolet Bolt was designed which is cost effective and can drive 200 miles on a single charge. This has crowd-pleasing features and tends to conserve the use of fossil fuel.

10. The Speaker That Speaks Back

Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana have been invented long back. This version of Amazon isn’t just a speaker it can also talk back to the tech. Alexa which is embedded in echo has expanded its functionality where it consists of many third-party apps that allow calling a car(via Uber), orders pizza(via Domino’s) or even turn off lights. The customers are not required to train as to how to speak to Alexa, they can speak naturally.

With this advancement of technology and such amazing scientific developments, a great future lies ahead of us. Many inventions are still yet to come. The candidates are advised to be updates with these recent happenings around the globe to crack bank exams.


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