The Benefits of Using Audio-Visual Aids in Teaching

Studies have shown that using audiovisual aids in the classroom is greatly helpful for students in developing an understanding of complex concepts. These devices enable the students to grasp these concepts quickly and easily. The latest technological advancements present many options for teachers to make their jobs easier. After learning the advantages of audio-visual aids, teachers worldwide have started incorporating them into their lesson plans.

One thing that teachers should be careful about is that using audio-visual aids in the classroom should help them achieve their curriculum objectives. Relying too much on technology or using it thoughtlessly might make it difficult for them to achieve their intended learning outcomes. It is because it is used in this manner. These devices will act as a distraction.

It might also damage the valuable relationship between the teacher and students, doing more harm than good. Teachers should understand that audio-visual tools are there to assist them, not to take their place. Let’s now discuss the role that audio-visual aids can play in the modern classroom.

The Benefits of Using Audio-Visual Aids in Teaching
The Benefits of Using Audio-Visual Aids in Teaching

Audio-Visual Aids Help Students in the Class

Teachers should start using audio-visual technology in their classrooms.

Auditory learners

Auditory learners concentrate more on the spoken word than the written word. Teachers can use taped recordings of lectures for these students. Instead of reading from a textbook, auditory learners can benefit from computers with speech-recognition devices. Teachers can also use microphones while giving lectures to students with hearing disabilities.

Visual learners

In the past, teachers would use slide projectors in classrooms. PowerPoint presentations have now replaced that. But the purpose of both is the same. Students who are visual learners will gain a better understanding of various concepts when they are explained through the use of graphic portrayals – like charts, diagrams, and illustrations. Such students’ learning outcomes can be greatly augmented if teachers find visual supplements to be used during the lectures.

Incorporating movie clips

If the teachers choose to integrate instructional videos into their lectures, it would not only facilitate the learning process but would also make it fun. Teachers can download video clips from the web and embed them in a PowerPoint presentation if the Internet facility is not available in the classroom. Before watching the video, teachers should explain what the students should be looking for in the video. After watching it, teachers should discuss the video with the students to make sure that the students understand the purpose of the video.

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  1. I love what you had to say about having the teacher point out what they want the kids to look for in video presentations. When I was going to school, I would tend to stop paying attention to the lesson as soon as a video turned on. I know if this was incorporated that I would have learned more.

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