iPhone Qualities: Apple’s iPhone has been one of the most popular smartphones in the world since their release in June 2007. Many people saw the device as revolutionary, as it offered many great capabilities that previous smartphones, like the BlackBerry, did not. Today, the current generation of the Apple smartphone, the iPhone 5, still stands out among the sea of other mobile phones for its appealing qualities.

iPhone 5 preview

Apple iPhone Qualities

Superior Retina Display

The iPhone 5, just like the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 before it, contains Apple’s custom Retina display, which makes images extremely sharp and clear. Text is sharper on an iPhone and contains none of the pixelated blurriness that is often found on other smartphone screens, particularly those that have lower screen resolutions. The clarity of the Retina display is often touted as preferable to the display on other smartphones that boast an HD or 3D screen.

Thinner and Lighter

In spite of the many lighter smartphones on the market, including Samsung’s Galaxy S III, the flagship Android powered device, the iPhone is thinner and lighter. In fact, the iPhone 5 is the lightest and thinnest of all of Apple’s phones thus far, in spite of having a larger screen than its predecessors. At the same time, the phone feels extremely substantial in the hand and provides the user with a more natural grip thanks to the new aluminum body.

Smaller Yet More Powerful Processor

Apple utilized a dual-core processor with the iPhone 5, coupling it with the A6 chip; together, they are just as powerful than many of the quad-core processors found on the most popular competing smartphones today. It also has much less work to do because of the efficiency of the iPhone 5’s operating system, iOS 6, and Apple’s intricate but simple designing of the internal hardware.

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Award Winner

Apple has earned awards from JD Power and Associates eight years in a row for its great customer satisfaction ratings. The iPhone has been instrumental in the company’s many accolades and its great popularity.

Superior Battery Life

Unlike many other smartphones on the market, such as Samsung’s numerous Android-powered offerings, the iPhone has long been known for having a relatively lengthy battery life. While Android powered smartphones tend to run out of power halfway through the day and require frequent charging, the iPhone provides users with at least a full day’s worth of power, even with continual usage. There are also a number of battery cases on the market that can be used with the device to provide an extra charge and up to double the time the phone can be used.

Unbeatable Camera

The iPhone 5 has the iSight camera, which boasts 8 megapixels and is believed to be the world’s most advanced and popular camera found on a smartphone. Both the software and hardware of the camera work to provide some of the best photos. It is possible to capture great photos in low light situations and make color and other adjustments as well. Few other smartphone cameras can perform as well as the iSight camera.

iPhone Qualities are the advanced camera, impressive battery life, sleek aesthetics, and gorgeous display, along with the iPhone’s other winning features, serve to make this phone one of the most popular on the market year after year.