Everybody could see the tech giant Apple collecting its gear for its upcoming flagship device Apple iPhone 7. The Apple iPhone 7 is planned to launch after Apple iPhone 6 and maybe Apple iPhone 6S. This 7th generation device from Apple will no doubt come loaded with unbelievable specifications that one would have never seen. The design, as well as production of this futuristic device, is still to be decided, but it may be possible that Apple may include a lot of new technical concepts as well as innovations in it. So in order to give you an overview of the device, we have brought to you the specifications that you may see in Apple iPhone 7.

Apple iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7 Specifications

It must be very clear to the Apple iPhone 5 and Apple iPhone 5S users that the next iPhone will definitely have a larger screen size when compared to iPhone 5S. And so we can also say that the 7th generation iPhone 7 will possess greater screen size than iPhone 6, which may go up to 6 inches.

Apple iPhone 7 is also rumored to run on the quad-core A8 processor chip which will be needed to support the HD display of iPhone 7. Also, the advanced feature that will be installed in the device will require more power to run which will ultimately require a much better processing chip than present chips.

At present Apple iPhone 5S has the best camera installed among all the Smartphones available now, the same case could be expected with iPhone 7 as it could come with a 20 MP camera which will be capable of 1080p full HD recording. When talking about the front camera, Apple will not have any problem in installing an 8MP camera at the front for high-quality video calling.

Apple could also increase the internal storage of their flagship device to 256 GB, which won’t be a big deal for them. Also, it will be running on the latest version of iOS that will be present at that time. Supporting and running so many advanced features will also require a good battery backup, so the device may have a 3000 mAh battery installed in it to run the phone for a long time. Also, the device would be capable of 4G support.

Apple iPhone 7 release date

As at present we are using the 5th generation device from Apple and the arrival of the 6th generation device is still to be announced, and which will arrive this year most probably, Apple iPhone 7 could be released in the middle of next year or maybe at the end of 2014. It could not be mentioned surely as Apple has been launching one flagship device per year, and this year they may plan to release iPhone 6, which makes the release date of iPhone 7 to shift to next year.

Although, all the specifications and release dates have not been confirmed by the Apple executives, so all of them still remains rumors. But this does not mean that the device to be launched will be simple, it will be the best device that people would have seen till date.