iPhone definitely adds up a boost to your persona and ummm to be honest the phone itself has a huge impact on anybody that owns it! Not only the phone is expensive, but imparts a different experience to anyone who uses it. In the old days when one used to lose their cell phone, the loss was defined, particularly just the cost of the device. But nowadays if you lose your smartphone, specifically an iPhone, then the loss is much more than just the money you spent on buying it! In fact this thing is huge with smartphones.

To begin with, not only you lose your handset, but also the crucial data belonging to you such as data, images/videos, music; the thought of another person going through your iPhone sends a chill down your spine isn’t it? On the contrary if you believe buying a new phone and to start collecting all the data from the beginning will be much easy, then you’re mistaken! Another horror is that the person who has stolen your device can get hang of your online accounts (err. Talk about online identity theft case!), so you know how important your smartphone is.

Lets take a look at 5 Useful Apps to Recover a Lost or Stolen iPhone :

Find My iPhone

find my iphone

Find my iPhone is an app provided by Apple itself to help you locate your iPhone using another iOS device. This app shows your device on a map, helps to protect your important data, on command it can display a message, even trigger an alarm for a couple of minutes at full volume (doesn’t matter if your iPhone has been set to silent), and finally you can even lock your iPhone remotely to prevent any misuse.

Device Locator

iphone device locator

Device Locator is another app that lets you trace back your misplaced or stolen iPhone. Like any other device finding app, it also triggers a loud alarm on your iPhone, helps click an image of the user from the built in camera, and send text message to the device. You just have to pay $2.99 for the app, and that’s it!


gadgettrak iphone traceGadgetTrak is an app that helps to improve the chances of finding a stolen or lost iPhone. How does it do that? Well it does that by generating the information about the location of iPhone, it also sends messages to your phone, helps taking a photo of surroundings (perhaps it can click a shot of the thief too!) with the help of the front cam. One thing that sets this app apart from the rest is that it restricts the deletion of the app, which means even if thief wants to delete it, he won’t be able to do so. Also you don’t need to run the app unless your iPhone is stolen, because you can activate it when you have lost your iPhone or if it has been stolen! Its a paid app, priced at $3.99.


myspy locate iphone

mSpy is another app that is helpful in monitoring and tracking an iPhone. This has to be installed in the device as a precaution, otherwise the app won’t be of much help later on when your iPhone has been stolen or misplaced. The app helps in maintaining a log of all the activities that happen on your iPhone, especially if your device has been stolen you can track its GPS location online very easily in the user account which displays the location on a map! It’s also a paid application. Check out mSpy reviews.

Highster Mobile

highster mobile iphone tracker

Like mSpy, Highster Mobile is also a paid application that helps in tracking down your lost or stolen device. The prerequisite is that the software should already be installed prior the loss of the device. Also the app is a great way to keep an eye on your children or employees, since you will stay updated with every minute activity of theirs on your online user account. The GPS location gets punched in on a map on the account, which you can access easily anywhere on the go. Check out highster mobile reviews.

Try these apps and safeguard your iPhone from theft today.

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