5 Things We Will Prefer to Have on A Smartwatch


Wearing a watch is a trend for years. But now is the time for a smartwatch. Smartwatch has been stealing features from the smartphones. At some time, people will leave smartphones and will start buying this tiny wrist-hugging smart devices only.

What are we expecting from a smartwatch really? Let’s look at the cool features that most of the people are looking for in them.

five things about smartwatch

  1. Continuity

This is one of the biggest features that people are looking for in a smartwatch of future. There should be seamless integration with the smart devices. The look of this wearable device is small, so no one would like to send an email or use it for any other thing like this. Everyone will do it on their laptops.

It would be great if people would be able to read their emails on them and use it for any such purpose, similar to an operating system. Something ideal like this would be great for a smartwatch in the future.

  1. Good battery life

Battery life is a great selling point for any smart device. The power should last for at least 1 or 2 days, as it would not be ideal for a person to take it off every second hour and put it back charging. The smartwatches that are there in the market are coming with battery life that works for 2 or 3 hours only. This is a big disadvantage of most of most of these devices today.

There are some smartwatches in the market which are coming with a maximum of 5 hours of battery life. But many of them compromise with other features like the resolution and bad screen display.

What we are expecting from a smartwatch to do is quite different from what the device actually does. These are basically two different things and the companies should balance both the things in order to create a great and amazing smartwatch.

As far as the charging is concerned, people should go for smartwatches that use micro USB. This is beneficial as the people can easily find a cable. The smartwatches can also come with a USB so that they can easily plug it into the USB charging port of their laptop.

  1. Personalization and design

People always want personalization on their devices. These watches come with a choice of straps. Comfort counts a lot and when it comes to smartwatches, people will look for comfort as well as the personalization and design.

People are looking for more cool looking smartwatches. There are some available in the market that are quite bulky and does not look good on their wrists. People will definitely avoid wearing such watches now and in the future as well.

  1. Good to have fitness tracking

Fitness trackers are making their place in the market. People are going to devices with fitness tracking feature available. Fitness trackers will always attract people as the makers of the smartwatches are integrating activity-monitoring functions. Most of the fitness trackers have a built-in pedometer for tracking the steps you walk in a particular time or you can also schedule timer to start at a particular time only.

There are many Android devices that have a built-in device for monitoring the heart rate. But it seems to be unreliable. And people will definitely not like to have this heart rate monitor in their smartwatches without reliability.

A GPS can be a great feature on these devices. Some of these devices in the market are coming with GPS in them.

People are also looking for smartwatches that can help them make calls like a smartphone. Some of them have S voice functionality as well and people are looking for more such devices in the future. The devices with S voice functionality look bulky. So these devices are expected to have good functionality along with good design as well.

  1. Identification and authentication

Many people feel that the fitness trackers are lame and of no use. If the tracker is not authorizing a person to enter someplace, then what is the use of such tracking on the wrist?

Yes, it’s true. People are looking for smartwatches that can authorize and authenticate them to enter the gym, airport, hotel, etc. They do not want to use the same magnetic card to swipe at the door before entering. Some people want these devices to recognize them before going on the treadmill so that the treadmill automatically sets the favorite workout and the TV channel on their arrival. Biometric authentication is another feature what people are looking for in these devices.

People want to buy the smartwatches that are able to check-in the flights at the airport. This is much better than the big smartphone that is clumsy to handle. People will love to move their one hand on the scanner and handle their luggage with the other hand.

People love to use their smartwatches in their homes as well. Why would they not use it if they are able to control all their home systems with these small devices? If they could monitor the sensors in their home and control the lights along with adjusting the heating and cooling of devices, these devices offering more than what they are primarily desired to do will definitely enjoy great user preference.

Last Words

The last but not the least expectation from a smartwatch would be the pricing. People are expecting lower prices for such trendy devices. But the question is will the companies come with low prices without compromising on the features? It is difficult to convince the users to buy smartwatches that will cost around $200 to $300. This is the biggest obstacle that the companies will face in the coming future if they do not lower the prices of these devices. The smartwatch market needs to grow yet and it is only possible when they come with amazing functionality, great battery life, and affordable prices. There is so much to implement in them and there are a lot of high-end devices already available in the market that are coming with stunning features, so what will make the users buy them? It is indeed a big question for the smartwatch makers.


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