Market fundamentals are always same, but with the changing technology, it has become important to see how one activates these fundamentals. The marketers need to go ahead of the ongoing trends; otherwise the competitors will take their place.

Several years ago, it was predicted that the virtual reality is going to be the biggest boom in the technology world. This prediction seems to be coming true. The opportunities for the organizations and the individuals are vast and it is necessary to look at the radical changes going on in the tech market. The scientific advances and growth will make the impossible, possible. The contradictions that these changes will entail are an important issue to consider.

The challenge for the leaders is not predicting the future of them, but it is about better understanding of the trends that will reshape the future soon.

This year will see great changes in the way people see the technology. This will be an interesting year for all of us. A lot of action can be seen with the arrival of new brands throughout the year.

tech trends

Here are the 5 trends that will be seen in the Indian tech market in the year 2015. The technology trends are not limited to just five; a number of technology changing trends will be seen in this year.

  1. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is on the rise and the trend will grow more in the year 2015 as well. Data is increasing on all the applications, and with the growth of data storage, many applications are being delivered on SaaS model.

The use of hybrid cloud will be used by 50% of the enterprises by the year 2017. More hybrid cloud will be seen where there is integration between both the private and public clouds. There can be different security requirements that are important to be kept in mind.

There are a number of mobile apps that have already worked on cloud technology. The most popular of them is Instagram. The major advantage of working on the cloud is that the developer does not worry about the size of the data. The developer only focuses on the quality of the app, rather than wasting their productive time in thinking about data storage measures. More apps will follow the cloud approach in the coming future.

  1. Privacy of data

An increase in the rise of ongoing breaches can be seen nowadays. 90% of the Americans surveyed that they have lost control of their personal information and data.

Third party monitoring is becoming very common these days and people are getting more concerned about their privacy. They are worried about all their online transactions in the fear of data monitoring.

It is important for the businesses to encrypt the data while transferring it across the network. They should ensure that they are taking proper measures to safeguard the user’s security. Digital consent is the new area that will be highlighted this year. The demand of digital consent agreements with an increase in transparency will see a growth.

The use of Big Data will increase in the organizations and they will also witness an easy integration of this in most of the business contexts.

  1. Trendy wearable

Wearable are on the rise and they can be seen with advanced technology trends. They are emerging as a winner in every market as well. The Apple watch that is recently launched in the year 2015 will revitalize the wearable technology. Digital smartness can be seen in a number of smart devices like smart TVs, smart bulbs, etc. We will get many gadgets in 2015. All these have integrated in our life style and the wearable act as the most convenient device as compared to other smart devices available.

People are expecting lower prices of the wearable but will the brands be able to succeed in this? A great revolution is coming in the future and we have to wait and watch the changing trends in this year.

  1. Economic trends in Application Programming Interfaces

APIs or Application Programming Interfaces have become the powerful business driving forces. APIs allows the core assets of the organization to be reused and monetized also. They can provide new revenue streams to the organization.

More and more businesses are using APIs and this growth has increased to more than 10,000 in the last few months.

Financial services have seen a new growth with the increasing trend of using PayPal, Tilt, etc. and all these are using API-driven services. Payment industry has seen a remarkable growth and change in the past few years.

  1. Growing trade as the new face of globalization

The production and consumption have become more distributed. The major organizations will specialize to support the regional trade growing needs. They will also support the next generation of workers and entrepreneurs.

The global trade to GDP growth relationships will see a structural change. Rapid urbanization all across the world is making the cities as the global generators of growth and the emerging market cities will definitely win this race. The developed market cities will increase the global GDP growth in the year 2025. Despite this growth, the entrepreneurs will make decisions at the city level rather than on the country level.

Each of the above discussed tech trend will affect the businesses this year. It is necessary to learn as much as you can in order to deal with any kind of tech implications in the future.

Internal communication

Internal communications need to see more growth and the companies need to see them as the marketing asset in the future. The marketers will see this as the biggest challenge to create brand ambassadors and they will also make sure that the vendors and the employees see the brand as the future vision of the company.

Marketing trends

The trend of marketing will shift to personalization from globalization. The world is connecting in better ways with each other, but the marketing trends are becoming more individualized. Personalization is the biggest marketing trend that allows us to manage the global brands in the market. Most of the companies are decentralizing their structure to focus more on the regional areas.

Digital marketing is growing with the advancement in technology and the marketers need to think according to the digital world now. People with heavy technology knowledge will be known as the marketing technologists in the future and they will only survive in the digital marketing world.

Multi-sided platforms are developing and they surely disrupt the incumbent models being followed in the organizations. The seeds of disruption will definitely exert pressure on the multi-sided businesses. The changes in digital technology will continue to grow in the coming future.

Other growing trends

Health & fitness will feature the most advanced developments. There will be a number of advanced devices to track the fitness in a safe and effective way.

3D printing will also see a rise in the near future and will be the fastest growing trends in the 21st century. Most of the 3D printers are used for medical, engineering and automotive industries, but with the rise in digital technology, this machinery will become more compact and will be available at more affordable prices.

Author Bio
Keval Padia is a Founder & CEO of Nimblechapps, a fast-growing android game development company. The current innovation and updates of the field lures him to express his views and thoughts on certain topics.