Technology is constantly evolving, and this has made the lives of investigators – whether private or employed by law enforcement agencies – easier. This continuous evolution has led to many new tools for this industry, but few are as essential as mobile recording systems. No longer is it necessary to purchase expensive equipment to record phone conversations, and the latest mobile recording software can do much more than merely keep a record of telephone communications.

Mobile Recording Solutions


Maybe the most powerful mobile recording technology currently on the market is SilentPartner. Not only can investigators use the software to capture all of their audio conversations (both manually and automatically) they can also capture photos, videos and even text messages from within the program. All of this can be done directly from the scene of an investigation, and when complete, SilentPartner can save the data to the same database where conventional phone logging data is kept.

In addition to the information that the program captures, investigators will also be equipped with the ability to save data such as dialed digits, caller ID and even GPS location. This information, and even face-to-face interviews, can then easily be categorized by contact name or case number. Agents also have the option of using indexing of communications, search capabilities by phrase and keyword, and even rough transcription of recorded conversations.

Maybe one of the most advanced features of SilentPartner, though, is its speech analytics ability. This feature “listens” to recorded calls, and it can detect commonalities and trends between seemingly unrelated cases. This is a powerful tool for investigators who may work across several precincts, and in the end, it could literally assist in breaking a case wide open.


AbcRecorder is a simple-to-use piece of mobile recording software that provides an abundance of recording options which can prove essential for investigators on the go. Rather than just allowing phone conversations to be recorded, this software also lets the agent record memos, lectures, meetings and face-to-face conversations which can be saved for later use.

Another great feature of AbcRecorder is the fact that it can be set to automatically or manually record conversations. It’s obvious that most investigators don’t need to tape every conversation they have, so the ability to manually select which ones to record can save time, hassle and storage space. For individuals who don’t want to take the chance of not having a potentially important conversation saved, though, the automatic recording feature is indispensable.

In addition to these features, the program also provides hotkeys that can start or stop a recording whenever necessary. Once a conversation has ended, the program can be set to automatically send these clips to an email address or via MMS. Clips can also be sent manually via Bluetooth, email, MMS or infrared. While the program is free to use, one significant downfall is that it’s built specifically for use on Nokia devices.

Automatic Call Recorder

Just like the two aforementioned mobile recording programs, Automatic Call Recorder can be set to either automatically record all conversations or manually record only selected calls. After recording, the communication can be set to save to a person’s Inbox, an SD card or to cloud storage systems such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

With these types of storage options, there’s hardly any limit as to how many conversations can be saved. SD cards allow for the storage of significant amounts of data these days, so it’s unlikely that an investigator will ever run out of space for their recordings. With this system, it’s important to remember to delete conversations when they’re no longer needed, because Automatic Call Recorder will automatically erase older saved conversations when newer data fills up storage space.

It should also be noted that Automatic Call Recorder is only available for Android devices. Additionally, even certain Android-powered phones are not compatible with the program. This is why the software creators recommend trying out the free version, which has fewer features, before purchasing the full app.

The job of an investigator is a difficult one, but fortunately, advancing technology is making it easier every day. Interviews and conversations are among the most important evidentiary tools that an investigator has at their disposal, and thanks to the aforementioned mobile recording programs, keeping this data easily accessible is a cinch.

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