What Does The Arm Thing On TikTok Mean

It takes some time to catch up with the latest TikTok trends. Every month something new dazzles your mind and confuses you again.

TikTok arm gesture is another cryptic trend that is going viral around the globe. So, what is the arm thing on TikTok, and what does it mean when people point to their arms?

TikTokers are creating videos by putting two fingers on their arms. Perhaps, pointing their veins or checking their pulse. It’s called the arm thing on TikTok. We want to know its cryptic meaning. It might be related to the true self, speaking the truth, or basketball. Nobody can say anything confidently.

The new TikTok trends flood our timelines with mind-blowing content. So naturally, we all love spending our leisure time with them. Especially, Gen Z goes crazy with the trends. This article covers – what does the hand on the arm mean and its origins. You’ll grab the true meaning after reading it.

What Is The Arm Thing On TikTok

The arm thing is a new TikTok pose going viral on the platform, and people are crazy about it.

A creator following the trend puts an explanation text, places the index and middle fingers on the arm, and looks straight into the camera. The most used background music for this trend is Hayloft by Mother Mother. They only add text and don’t lip-sync or talk about anything.

The gesture means something meaningful. It’s not only a dance move or funny pose.

TikTok users following this trend are exposing themselves. After noticing their explanation text, you’ll find they usually share personal information about themselves that nobody knows. Sometimes, they confess something that can embarrass anyone.

In one TikTok video, I have seen a girl walking around with a god complex, and suddenly she puts two fingers on her arm. I remember the video caption revealing something about her inferiority complex.

Thus, this content creator revealed her true nature, unknown to many people, using the arm gesture on TikTok.

Till now, we understood the context of using the arm thing on TikTok. It’s time to know– what does the arm thing on TikTok mean?

What does the arm thing on TikTok mean

What Does The Arm Thing Mean On TikTok?

It is believed that the arm gesture on TikTok unveils the absolute truth of a content creator to the viewers who watch the video.

The arm thing means the TikToker uploading the video is honest with their audience and dares to accept the truth by sharing personal situations or things.

Different people will tell you different meanings behind it. It depends on who’s explaining the meaning to you.

It commonly indicates that the heart rate increases while telling the truth or revealing personal information to the audience.

The arm thing trend falls under built different trend, where creators reveal their specific characteristics to prove them exceptional.

Nowadays, people are following the arm trend to make fun of personal situations or things they are dealing with.

Thus, creators can follow the “two fingers on arm” trend to reveal themselves. You can add exaggeration, irony, and fun ways to create your TikToks.

Who Used The Arm Thing For The First Time?

The arm thing pose is identical to basketball player D’Angelo Russell’s “ice in the veins” pose. In this pose, he tapped his forearm after scoring a clutch shot. In basketball, it means nerves of steel. So, you can say someone is ice blooded and cool-headed.

The gesture meaning on TikTok is entirely different from the basketball context. Earlier, we have already explained– what does the arm thing on TikTok mean. So, enjoy TikTok and follow the latest trends.


Most TikTok audience is unable to grab the actual sense of creating videos but enjoy the hilarious content flooded on their timeline.

New trends may be unclear to someone but gain huge popularity among Gen Z. So, stop overthinking why creators posted such content. Enjoy it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does two fingers on your arm mean?

It means you are honest with your audience and letting them know the real you.  This way, they show how cool they are.

What does the sheesh pose mean?

The sheesh pose means having the nerves of steel. It is also known as the “ice in the veins” pose. NBA star D’Angelo Russell evolved this pose.

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