How to Watch TikTok without An Account?

As the topic concludes, how to watch TikTok without an account, the first question that comes to our mind is, why would anyone want to watch TikTok without an account?

It is simple, TikTok has a billion active users, and it’s enough to build new haters. Some who hate TikTok don’t want to make an account but still want to watch TikTok videos of their friends or celebrities.

This article will discuss every step in detail on how to watch TikTok videos without an account or app.

TikTok merged with back in 2018, creating the platform we know today, with over 2.6 billion cumulative downloads worldwide.

But the question is why TikTok is getting some much hate?

The reason is that people were saying that some videos/trends are cringed for them.

Despite having so much hate among users, TikTok remains one of the most popular video apps. Its estimated worth is about 50 billion dollars.

In a few cases, some people ask whether can you watch TikTok without an account in a restricted country. Don’t worry. We are helping you to resolve the issue. You can watch TikTok on a browser with the help of a VPN. Yes, a VPN will definitely work if you want to view TikTok in a restricted country. There are many pros and cons of VPN services.

So, first, to answer your question.

How to watch TikTok without an account

Can you watch TikTok videos without an account?

Yes, anyone who wants to watch trending TikTok videos can view them without making an account on TikTok.

To be able to view TikTok without account is good for everyone. Nobody will be required to sign up or sign in to watch videos. For example, suppose your friend sends you a TikTok video. You can view it with the help of a browser.

You can follow some simple steps, and then you can use TikTok without account.

Not only that, but you can use a browser and VPN to watch TikTok videos without an account.

You might need to log in or sign up to see someone’s TikTok live. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to watch live videos without having a TikTok account.

How to watch TikTok on a laptop or desktop? 

Watch TikTok without an account

Guests can visit the official website to view TikTok without an account. It’s simple and straight. No rocket science is behind it.

1. Open a web browser on a laptop or desktop
2. Enter in the address bar
3. Hit the Enter button on the keyboard

Now, you can watch TikTok without an account on your laptop.

Do not worry if you reside in a country where TikTok is banned. We’ve got you covered!

Watch TikTok videos using a VPN desktop client

Here’s how to use TikTok without an account if it is banned in your country.

1. First, install a VPN on your computer or web browser.
2. Open the VPN and connect to the US location.

A VPN desktop client

3. Open the web browser and visit

Now, you can view TikTok videos.

Watch TikTok using a VPN on the web browser

1. Open the Chrome web store and search for a trusted VPN.

Add a VPN to Chrome

2. Click on Add it to chrome
3. Press the puzzle-looking button on the top right of your Chrome browser
4. And then select the added VPN
5. Click on Start VPN, preferably selecting the US location
6. Open

You are good to go. Now, you can view TikTok videos of your choice.

Guests can only watch TikTok videos without creating an account, but they must log in to make comments, like, share, etc.

How to search on TikTok without an account?

If you don’t want to watch random TikTok videos and want something matching your interest, a technique will help you view handpick videos.

TikTok search without an account

The TikTok search bar helps users watch videos of a specific user or interest without logging in. Guests can search for accounts, usernames, hashtags, or keywords to watch any uploaded video on TikTok.

There are two ways to access TikTok search without an account-

– Web browser
– TikTok viewer

1. Web Browser

The first method. Here’s how can you use TikTok without an account with a web browser.

Visit on a web browser

Search for Someone on TikTok

You may use TikTok user search. The TikTok search bar helps us find someone on TikTok.

TikTok search bar

Alternatively, you may search for someone, accounts, or usernames using the web browser address bar with the following URL-

Only change the text ‘vinay’ with a name. Then, it will display all accounts with the matching word.

TikTok user search

Alternatively, if you already know the username of someone, then you may access his profile on the following URL-

Only change ‘snoopdogg’ with your known username.

Already know TikTok username

Search hashtags on TikTok

You may use the following URL to search for your favorite hashtag on TikTok- 

Here, ‘trickshot’ is our hashtag. You may change it with your hashtag to search for relevant videos on TikTok.

Search TikTok hashtags

2. TikTok Viewer

The second method. You can use third-party websites. You can search for a TikTok viewer on Google search. Then, open a TikTok viewer website. Most websites allow search hashtags or usernames to view TikTok without an account.

Most creators want to know, “Can you see who views your TikToks.” This way, no creator will be able to see who viewed their TikTok videos. You will not leave any trace for them. It’s all because you are watching their TikTok videos anonymously without logging in.

How to see TikTok comments?

Most social media platforms don’t allow guest comments. You can react to a post only if you are logged in.

TikTok allows guests to watch videos without an account. However, it is required to create an account to follow TikTok creators and like or comment on their videos. Moreover, even nobody can see who liked or commented on their videos without login. Thus, TikTok requires login from every user to view such things.

Log in to see comments on TikTok

TikTok does not allow anonymous followers, comments, and likes because they know bots can misuse this feature. Stalkers can harass innocent creators, and they can misuse the platform. Finally, creating an account and mischievous activities can be traced, and creators can block such accounts. This way, the TikTok community grows with real followers.

How to watch TikTok without app?

TikTok is a famous platform on Android. Over 90% of TikTok users use Android. Also, in terms of downloads, it’s globally #1.

Those who don’t want to install the TikTok app on their mobile phones or own a laptop or desktop can watch TikTok without the app on their mobile phones.

Follow these simple steps to view TikTok without app.

1. Go to your mobile browser
2. Type in the address bar
3. Guests or login users can use the TikTok search bar to search for an account, username, or hashtag to watch the videos.

You may see the following nag screen on the mobile browser. It requests to install the app or log in.

TikTok on mobile browser

You may log in to comment and like videos or follow creators

For some of you guys, it would be working all fine, but if TikTok is banned in your region, you can install a VPN app on your mobile phones. Just like we did on a desktop, but in a slightly different way.

What if TikTok is banned

Follow these steps to watch TikTok in a restricted country on your mobile device.

1. Visit the App Store or Play Store, depending on your mobile.
2. Search for a VPN app.

Search VPN on App Store

3. Install a popular VPN app.

4. Open this VPN app.

5. Login/sign up for a free or premium account.

6. Select a preferred server and connect.

7. Open on your browser.

Now, view TikTok videos of your choice

Advanced analysis of a TikTok account 

Not having a TikTok account might make you feel restricted from doing anything.

No one can explore any private profile without having a profile on TikTok.

Are you willing to view trends, analytics, and statistics?

Some tools can help you. Popsters is one of these social media content analytics tools.

You can install it on the Google Chrome web browser. Search and install the Popsters extension and Popsters Addon for TikTok analysis from the Chrome web store. It collects and shows some additional data on public social media pages. For example, you can see the statistics and engagement rate of TikTok videos. Also, users can see the most viewed videos of various TikTok creators. You get limited TikTok analytics without having access to an account.

Who doesn’t want to take a look at statistics? It gives an idea of what TikTok offers and what makes it entitled to its current position.


To sum things up, can you use TikTok without an account? It is the most convenient way to view TikTok without an account.

Even if you don’t have a desktop, we have mentioned the ways to do the same on your mobile. So, you can watch TikTok without an account or app.

We got you covered in every situation. We made you learn how to use VPN on desktop and mobile.

If you enjoyed reading our article, be sure to stay in touch with us in the future and read more articles like these to be updated in every single way.

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