12 Signs for Taking A Break from Social Media

Using something is not bad, but making it an addiction can lead to severe problems. The same applies to social media. Don’t cut off the use, but reduce it to half by forming real-life connections through face-to-face conversations. The best way to do this is to take a break from social media.

Everyone is racing to become tech-savvy, and social media has become a great influencer, especially for youth. Apart from social media, you must set aside time for productive work and a healthy lifestyle by opting for meditation, exercise, and many more outdoor activities for a healthy body and soul.

Many people in today’s world are dealing with severe issues like stress, anxiety, depression, and work pressure, which harms their mental health and well-being. Who doesn’t like fame and recognition? Everyone does. But when we face rejection, failure, or when our social media posts don’t work, we are in great fear and anxiety.

Signs for taking a break from social media

Can you believe what role social media has started casting in our lives? It is the extent of the influence it has on our lives.

Reasons to Take A Social Media Break

Two most important reasons to take a social media break:

1. Social media has affected lots and lots of people. It junks the mind and brain by stopping people from doing something productive. It leads to many health issues like depression; anxiety affects the brain, lifestyle, and many more.

2. It leads to overall exhaustion of mind and body and reduces the ability to think and reason. In other words, it clogs the brain and affects vision. Mental pressure and stress arise when you see your peers’ accomplishments and achievements by scrolling all the time.

Signs for Taking a Break From Social Media

Some signs that show that you need to take a break from social media are as follows:

Checking Your Phone Anytime

It is what social media addiction means. Every time you check your phone as soon as you wake up or go off to sleep. Replacing the phone with meditation when you get up will lead to inner peace and a better mind. You can also opt for some physical exercises like Aerobics or Zumba.

Charging Your Phone Twice A Day

Brand-new phones have great battery life, which should last at least 24 hours. Still, if it lasts only half a day due to your addiction to social media like Instagram or Facebook, then it might threaten your life. Instead of relying on your phone, spend some time with your family doing non-fire cooking and relaxing by enjoying the meal.

Finding Excuses to Check Social Media

You might not realize it, but you might have an excuse to check your phones in the bathroom. Checking social media posts in the bathroom can lead to unnecessary problems. Try to understand the importance of real-life conversations, instead of using social media, to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Can’t Leave Your Phone

Maybe you won’t feel better or like being separated from your phone, as phones have become essential. But believe me, planning somewhere outdoors, be it a park or a shopping area, without a phone will give you more relaxation time. There would be no interruption of notifications. It will be only you and the beauty of nature with whom you can sit and relax.

Sharing Everything on Social Media

Take a break from social media

When you are out with your friends to have fun, your eyes stick to your phone, anxiously waiting to see the likes or comments. This shows the amount of addiction you have to social media. It leads to unhealthy relationships, be it with your friend or a close one. At times, it is necessary to maintain a distance from social media and have face-to-face conversations with friends. You have to set a balance between your life and the virtual world. You must have time for fun, chill, and relax!

Uploading Only Edited Profile Picture

Using face apps or applying filters to edit your profile picture is OK. Everyone does it. But using too much of it every time is unavoidable because you must reflect the real you in the outside world. So, Be the “Real You” and flaunt the beauty of who you are.

Only Stalking, Not Speaking

You might have often not spoken to someone for the past few years. But still, you know everything about them because you keep checking their profiles. It is the impact social media has created in a person’s life. Instead of following them on social media, take a break, catch hold in real life, and chit-chat with them. It will give you far more happiness and pleasure than stalking their profile every time.

Reminiscing on Social Media

Do you often use social media to recall memories, when you feel idle, or during mood swings? It is not applaudable to use it for these purposes. Instead, you can opt for something peace-giving or refreshing.

Obsessed about Likes

It is better to take a break from social media when you become obsessed with likes, comments, shares, etc.

Feeling Depressed

When you feel burnt out, anxious, or depressed, you should opt for a break. At this time, you should prefer a nature walk. “Try it;” you will love to do it repeatedly.

Scrolling Screen for Hours

Endlessly sitting on a couch with your phone, scrolling up and down social media apps, means you are ignoring your loved ones, family, and friends. It indicates that you need to take a break from social media. Set your routine by spending time on the real you, and opt for self-care, self-development, and self-growth routines.

Jealousy to Others

Use your screen time as GST (Good Screen Time) by doing something beneficial for your own. Don’t just get pissed off by seeing others’ hard work and accomplishments. Follow GST by preferring useful online courses that greatly help instead of just sitting idle and wasting time following others on Instagram.

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