Smartphone technology children safety

What are the concerns regarding the new technology?

We live in a world where even a new born is smart enough to operate a smart phone or maybe it is just the carelessness of the parents who let the newborn child near a phone, of which he clearly has no apparent need. It is common, while discussing the negative effects of smart phone technology that debaters tend to point out how smart phones are a necessity in today’s world. While the countless benefits of this smart technology cannot be denied, a pertinent question is, do children need smart phones? We see children and teenagers buried within their smart phones and handheld devices almost everywhere, from eating joints to bus waiting stations, so the question arises whether this technology is affecting them. Let us discuss this point in detail in this article.

How are smart phones affecting the children of today?

Over the past years, researchers have found many direct and indirect effects of smart phone usage on children. These findings are discussed below in detail:

  1. Many parents notice that their children are asking them for the latest smart phone in the market, or the most expensive one after different intervals. This has emerged to be equivalentto smoking or using drugs under peer pressure. Children see their friends or the leaders in the social circle using the newest version, to feel accepted, they feel the need to possess that version too.
  2. It is not a hidden fact that now children are being bullied, stalked and even kidnapped using their social media accounts. This has been made easier for the bullies and stalkers when children have smart phones and they can post their each and every move using pictures and Check Ins via their social media accounts using smart phones.
  3. It has been noted that most children are not able to maintain the numerous relationships that they are forced to establish once on any social networking website. This only overwhelms them and confuses them.

Are smart phones causing academic troubles for your child?

It has also been found that children who are constantly using their smart phones, get an addiction of using their social media accounts every hour of every day. This may seem benign,however, it has known to cause attention deficit order in many. Not to forget the fact that as children get easily addicted to these smart phones, they bring it to the classrooms and lectures, thus their attention is divided, this is one of the major causes why smart children have to endure bad grades.

It is time for your child to learn phone etiquettes:

It is argued that children should not have unhindered access to a smart phone 24 hours a day. However, if it is necessary for your child to carry a smart phone, make sure he/she understands the consequences of this technology when used excessively. Guide your children on how to properly make the best use of this technology without falling prey to its bad effects.

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