What is Instastalker, How to Find Your Stalkers, and Prevent Instagram Stalking

Whether you are an Instastalker or someone is stalking you, we will be covering all the information related to Instagram stalking. It will mention the ways you can stalk someone on Instagram or know whether someone is stalking you.

We will also be mentioning the ways that let you know your stalkers. No need to worry; we will suggest ways to prevent yourself from being stalked and eventually make Instagram safe to use again.

What is Instastalker?

Stalking over someone’s Instagram account without their awareness is called Instastalker.

Numerous websites are using this term to promote their service.

It is the simplest way of watching another person’s profile anonymously. It would hint at a user’s impressions of their account, but they may not know who has sneaked into their profile without your knowledge.

If you are eager to watch someone’s story or posts but do not wish to let them know about it, Instastalker is a way to do so.

If the privacy of that profile has been set to ‘Private,’ you may not stalk that account.

Using websites like instafullsize.com, mystalk.net, stalkhub.com, or insta-stalker.me would cause you a lot of problems.

If you want to turn into a stalker, you must get help from families, friends, or even professionals.

How find and get rid of Instastalker

Do You Use Instastalker Websites?

Anyways, there are valid justifications for such websites to use.

These are extremely good ways for parents to stay updated on their child’s Instagram posts or stories.

Additionally, it’s a simple method to check if someone on Instagram has blocked you. Once you suspect someone has blocked you, you may get to know those people by accessing the websites listed above. Remember that you may not know about someone if they have, for any reason, deactivated their account or have stopped posting stories.

I wonder if you do not have an Instagram account! In any case, if you have not created an account on Instagram, then you may not watch other people’s stories or posts. But good news for you! Yes, you may access their stories or posts by merely using these websites. There, you do not need an Instagram account to stalk. It’s a hassle-free experience!

Just stay alert while using these websites. Those may be used for good as well as bad research.

Who is An Instastalker?

Yes, you can stalk someone on Instagram without the help of these websites. Anyhow, you cannot watch your ex’s post at regular intervals, maybe weekly. The drawback in such a case is that your name will appear in their viewer’s list, which you did not wish to.

I am sure you must have created a fake or unknown account to stalk someone. Likewise, they may see that username in their viewer’s list. Hence, they may notice that you are watching all their stories, which may be as easy for them to understand.

While Instagram does not provide the names of people stalking your profile, third-party apps are available to help monitor anonymous activities inside your Instagram account. If you are wondering why you may not become an Instastalker, you are wrong.

Advice: Do not try to become an Instagram stalker. That is not as cool for people to practice.

How to Find An Instastalker?

Alternatively, you might find yourself on the opposite face of Instastalking. You might be having an Instastalker for your account. That may include people with a secret crush on you to keep up to date on your social posts. Not only secret lovers, but there may also be someone who has found your profile and wishes to watch your stories or posts on Instagram. You may also sense that your rival is spying on you by creating an unknown account whose request you accepted.

Signs that you have an Instastalker:

Instagram Stories

Stay alert to the views of your stories. Instagram gives you a complete list of the viewers without missing any of them. Simply swipe up at your stories to get the complete list. Every user’s profile who has watched your story will be available there. There is a myth evolving that the user who most frequently views your stories is placed at the top of the list, and so on. If your ex is continually on top of the list, that might have a different meaning. Instagram officials have discarded this technique, but most Instagram users have nodded to this. You can also stay online for some consequent time to watch recent viewers. Eventually, some people might have switched on the post notifications for your account.

Likes and Comments

You get a like and even a comment from them on your posts. It is a good sign that someone is attracted to you. They are your stalkers. On the other hand, it may be a different case if that user turns out to be your grandma, as they have the right to do. But, if that is some unknown random person, they might be your Instastalker.

Instastalker Apps

You have the option to install third-party apps, which may help you satisfy your curiosity. Ten applications are available. You need to be careful while operating such an Instagram stalker app. You must turn on two-factor authentication, which protects your account from being hacked or used by a person who does not have access to your phone.

Private Account

Go Private!

When you set your account privacy to Private, you may receive a follow-up request from other users who might not stalk after that. Also, you may check who stopped watching your stories or liking your posts. A very clear view is that those people who want to stalk your profile and have sent you a follow request after going private.

How to Get Rid of An Instastalker?

There is a solution to every problem. We will provide you with a few tips to avoid your stalkers.

Switch to Private Account

The first and foremost preventive measure is to turn your Instagram account private. By doing so, you have control over your follower list. As said, your ex must send you a follow-up request if they are still willing to stalk your social account. Accepting the requests of people you don’t know is not advised. Hence, limiting your Instastalkers.

It is not a difficult task to make your account Private. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your Instagram account.
  2. Go to Settings and select the Privacy option.
  3. Turn your Account Privacy to Private.

Unfortunately, you cannot go private if you have created a business account, which is justified. 

Block Unwanted Followers

It is suggested that you block your Instastalker after going private. After blocking them, be rest assured that you have followers whom you know and are trustworthy.

If you have set your account privacy to Public, you might have blocked numerous (maybe countless) users for years.

Instastalkers may come from anywhere, especially when you have a great following.

Blocking someone is also not a difficult task. All you need to do is:

  1. Go to their profile
  2. Click on the vertical three-dot option at the top right corner.
  3. Select Block and click on Block to confirm

You can also unblock them when you wish to by revisiting their profile and clicking on the unblock option. Just visit the ‘blocked account’ option available in your Privacy section of Settings, and you will get a list of users you have blocked for any reason.

Warn Your Instastalker

If you think you are brave, just open your contact list on your phone and call your stalker. Alternatively, send a message, text, or on messenger. Moreover, you can post a comment on any of their posts, requesting them not to stalk you anymore by doing this. It will alarm other users too about their creep activities. Without any doubt, things will turn bad after doing so. So, block them right away as you are done with your mission.

Reporting to Authorities

After receiving threatening messages from such people, you may file a complaint with the concerned authorities. After all, it is your life! You have to take security measures by yourself! Visiting your local police station is not a bad idea at all. Instagram is a big social media platform. As big as it is, it has a huge number of Cyberbullying cases filed by users. Get help from the local police if necessary. 

How Does Instagram Help to Deal with Stalking?

Instagram can’t handle every user’s case, but it has tried its best to get things in line this year.

They removed the ‘following’ tab, which was their major change. That tab helped people find new accounts. Using that tab, people tried to stalk all users’ activities, including their likes on other users’ posts and comments posted on other users’ posts. This option was mostly used by lovers to know whom they were liking and following on Instagram.

On the funny side, this was not the reason to delete that tab. Instagram found that people were using the Explore page instead of that tab.

Instagram stalking was reduced to some extent after this tab was deleted, as you no longer have information about other user’s such activities.

Google Play Deleted Instagram Stalker App

According to Sophos, Google Play (the Android app store) recently deleted one such Instastalker app, Ghosty. That app allowed stalkers to peep inside users’ private accounts.

Thankfully, Instagram officials have come forward to make sure this app is removed as soon as possible. They told the Ghosty developers they would send them a cease and desist letter if they did not delete that app. Their warnings were taken seriously, and the app was deleted quickly.

Instagram claimed that they were breaching the privacy policies framed by them. Ghosty app had recorded over 500,000 downloads on Google Play after April 2019 when it was launched. Now, it’s deleted!

Instagram stalking is a big issue. You are advised not to get involved in such mannerless activities. Also, do not forget to apply the suggested tips to stay safe on Instagram.

Happy Instagramming!

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