Know the 5 Reasons Behind New Google Logo Change

As we all know, the changes are necessary everywhere. Every person wants to get something new to his life when he feels bored with his daily routine. Therefore, changes are good for health as well as for wealth. We all know the reasons behind changes in life. Let us find out the logic and reason behind the change of Google Logo.

Google Logo New 2015

As we are all very much aware, Google changes its logo occasionally. If any festival occurs, the changes made in Google’s logo reflect that festival in its logo. On an international day, Google changes its logo, which defines that day differently.

Reasons For Changing the Google Logo

Google doodle 2015

1. Alphabet

The first and foremost reason behind the change in the Google logo is the Alphabet. The Alphabet does not make sense: A, B, C… Here, Alphabet defines Alphabet Inc., which owns various companies directly. Those owned companies are tied to Google, including Google itself. Since Alphabet came with a new logo with a typeface, Google changed its logo to a similar typeface, Sans Serif. Since Google and Alphabet are part of the same family, Google has changed its logo to bring uniformity to its corporate branding.

2. More Joyful Image

When Google redesigned its last logo, it was honored and complimented while keeping in line with guidelines for Android Lollipop. It was very smooth and belonged to a multi-billion dollar company. The new Google logo is very gentle, and its round edge makes it cuter than the previous logo. If we look deeply into it, we find that the “e” looks like Pac-man in the game, having googly eyes.

3. The World Has Changed

Google has been using a logo since 1999, it was tinkered, but still, Google did not make changes to it significantly. It has been a long time since Google changed its logo. The exact word said by one of the Google spokespeople –

4. Animations That Talk

Rather than keep the logo static, Google wants its logo animated to be more empathetic to the users. Animations make the picture more interesting. The reason, according to a Google spokesperson, is that it not only deals with the fact that you are using Google but also shows how Google works for you. The new colorful Google mic helps a person identify and interact with Google while you are typing, talking, or tapping.

5. Usage of Low bandwidth

Google is being used worldwide, using different types of networks. It is also used in faster 4G networks and slower 2G connections. The previous Google logo weighed over 14,000 bytes. Can you imagine the new logo size is only 305 bytes? It is very much low compared to the previous Google logo. This makes it possible for Google to use the same logo on all types of screens and networks. This reason can be considered a technical point of view when changing the logo.


As explained above, these are the top reasons to change the Google logo. I hope you will find these reasons interesting.

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