7 Simple SEO Tips to Improve Your Website Ranking


In today’s internet world “Googling” has become much more popular than ever before and you can look up just ‘everything’ on the internet via different search engines especially the Google. Just type your keywords, and you will get your desired results in the blink of an eye. But did you ever wonder how it happens that you type a single word in the search bar, and get your desired results right there as if the computer knows what you are going to ask? Well, the real ‘magic’ behind this mechanism is called Search Engine Optimization (commonly called as SEO)! Are you ready to learn simple seo techniques?

What Actually SEO Is?

When you search for something, the results you see are not merely random picks over the internet; rather SEO is the basic technique being exploited by different websites to win the race on SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). It depends on how accurately a website is optimized to appear on top ranks in search results. This procedure of driving ‘organic’ sources towards your website is what we call SEO.

Why SEO important?

The main aim, behind all efforts regarding site optimization, is to get more online traffic. Your efforts will go in vain if your website isn’t visible to the users at all! The higher number of visits your website receives, the more popular it becomes on the internet and consequently your get more customers, which is, of course, the main goal of all your efforts.

Simple SEO Tips
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How Can Simple SEO Techniques Get You Big Advantages?

For all of those who have developed their own websites, but are unable to get higher ranks on SERPs, we would like to say that – Never Give Up! We can let you know some of the simplest yet the most astonishingly magical tips and techniques that will help you grab your share of popularity in the internet world. You can very easily make your website look more attractive; at the same time, you will get more visitors, and eventually, more business! Here are those magical simple SEO tricks:

1. Use External Backlinks

Millions of websites are linked with each other and these links greatly help searchers navigate from one to another website in search of relevant information. In fact, an external link pointing to your website shows your site as a more reliable source of information. The backlinks your website has, the better it would be. You might have seen various sites with very little or zero visitors and the major reason behind is the failure is often a lack of backlinks. In short, in the game of higher search engine rankings, backlinks play a vital role. Here are some of the ways you can use to get external links:

– Posting relevant blogs
– Asking other websites to share your contents (with your name)
– Keeping your website refreshed and updated by adding new content
– Promoting your links in relevant (or on your own) e-books
– Developing partnering relations with other bloggers
– Posting content on Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
– Publishing press releases
– Various other useful methods

2. Optimize Your Content

You can never clearly say what kind of content will get more visits but if your article/post is long enough with necessary keywords, the chances of it to appear repeatedly on SERPs would increase. Nevertheless, a lengthy blog with poor quality never attracts anyone. Therefore, you have to take the following steps to make your content useful for your website:

– You need to be careful about creating interesting and meaningful content rather than piling up keywords in a long blog.
– Look on top ranked pages and observe what type of contents are published; note down the word limit, the kinds of keywords they have used in their contents, animations, etc. This will help you decide how to design your own blog.
– Focus on producing quality contents.

This Simple SEO technique ensures your content gonna rank faster.

3. Use Suitable Keywords

SEO can be considered as a simple game of keywords. The best SEO practices include the use of most appropriate keywords. You can brainstorm a few keywords, and can also take help from online sources such as Google Planner, Keyword Explorer etc. Keep these simple SEO points in your mind:

– Include short phrases as keywords in your article instead of using words singly, since they tend to be searched more easily.
– Search out enough keywords to be used in your contents; too few keywords won’t suffice.
– You can seek guidance from keyword tools, such as Google Keyword Planner, to find out the most suitable keywords for you.
– You can also have a look on related top ranked websites to know what keywords they use.

A trick: use misspelled and grammatically incorrect variants of keywords; this makes your webpage appear on SERP even when a mistyped keyword is being searched!

4. Use Online Web Optimizing Tools

It has now become so easier to optimize your website because of the availability of several online tools. Here we list a few for your guidance; you may find some other related tools as well as per your need.

Google Search Console – This freely available tool evaluates your web pages and informs you about any errors in the contents, such as duplication.
Google Keyword Planner – the best guide to search relevant keywords for your work.
Moz – amazing software to help you increase visibility on the internet.
SEMRush – highlights search terms related to your own, as well as the other relevant top ranked pages.
Yoast SEO Plugin – this is particularly helpful for WordPress blogs.

Simple SEO techniques become quite simple using these tools.

5. Utilize Power of Videos

Everyone knows that one of the simplest yet so effective ways of an engaging audience is the use of videos because these small pieces of information can have so much fun and entertainment. The same videos which people watch to learn or get entertained can improve your website rankings on SERPS. You might be surprised to learn that the videos make more than 60% of Universal Google Search Results. It is also important to mention here that Google now gives more importance to blended searches/results. So if you really want to appear on first few pages of Google Search Results, you must use the power of videos.

6. Mobile Optimization

Are you running an online business? Do you have a mobile-friendly business website? No? You have missed a huge number of customers because now the audience is no more stuck in front of the computer screen rather they keep moving and shopping through Smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices. If you have not gone mobile-friendly yet, you must think about it right now because mobile optimization has become crucial in the present day. If you need more convincing facts, check these out:

– 8 out of 10 consumers prefer to use smart devices to shop online.
– Approximately 1.2 billion users use mobile devices to access the web.
– More than 90% of Smartphone users use their devices to search local brands.
– Universal mobile traffic makes more than 15% of all online traffic.

7. Maintain Quality

Remember, the main component of your blog that will make it more appealing to the visitors is ‘quality’. No matter how much you optimize your website, if your contents lack quality, you will fail. SEO will only work to make your website appear on initial ranks on SERPs. But if your article fails to attract readers, it will eventually lose traffic. On the other hand, using simple SEO tips on a high-quality work will automatically place it among top ranked web pages.


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