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SEO changes 2021

10 Ways SEO Changed in 2021

Keeping your website at the top of its game requires knowledge of the SEO space. With every update to Google's algorithm, major or minor,...
How technology has changed our lives

How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

Technology has made our lives convenient and useful by changing the way we complete our daily life activities. Not only has it made everything...
Competitive analysis for content marketing

How to Use Competitive Analysis to Boost Content Marketing Strategy?

B2B marketing is so throat-cutting and edgy at times requiring planning to be done effectively. Unless you are selling similar products, companies are offering...
How to start a new career online

How to Start a New Career Online

If you’re feeling burned out, tired of your current position, or simply interested in finding something new, you’ll be interested in changing careers. It’s...
The pros and cons of cell phones

Top 20+ Pros and Cons of Cell Phones in Our Lives

A research was published in Psychology Today (2014), which focuses on how people of different age groups – 18-24, 25-34, 35-49, and 50-68 – use...
Tips to protect your business from ransomware

How to Protect Your Business from Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware is a significant threat for businesses across the globe. According to Datto, it costs businesses $75 billion a year. When ransomware enters the...
How to write a follow up email after no response

How to Write A Follow-up Email After No Response

Follow-up emails are quite hectic to structure, considering you already stated your need in the first email. However, they should, and it's okay to...
How to hide YouTube subscribers

How to Hide YouTube Subscribers – 2021

Have you seen a YouTube channel where no one can see the subscriber count? Of course, a few YouTube channels are hiding their subscriber...
Advantages of cloud storage

Want to Boost Your Business? Cloud Storage Could be the Answer

Whether you own a small business with just a couple of employees or you have thousands of people on the payroll, cloud storage is...
How to run a business from smartphone

How to Run a Business from Your Smartphone Completely

Not surprisingly, in the Age of Covid, there’s been a dramatic rise in the number of people who choose to work remotely. In fact,...
What does a VPN hide

What Does A VPN Hide from ISPs, Hackers, Marketers, and Govt Agencies

Nowadays, privacy and safety are of utmost importance for every human being on this planet. These have become two major concerns that worry us...
How to do accountants marketing

How to Market an Accounting Firm to Get More Clients

Do we need marketing for accountants? If you want your accounting firm to grow and attract new clients, you need to have a solid...
The latest software development trends

The Trends That Will Impact the Future of Software Development

From low-code apps to new deployment methods, software development trends change just as quickly as the technology does. In order for developers to stay...
How to hack a Snapchat Account tutorial

How to Hack a Snapchat Account without Password?

Snapchat is a global instant messaging platform that quickly allows users to share their favorite moments with friends and family. This application is gaining...
Why is my phone hot?

Why Is My Phone Hot? Reasons and Ways to Avoid Phone Overheating

Phone overheating is a common issue faced by smartphone users, whether using an iPhone or Android phone. Some decade ago, people used them only...
How to hack WhatsApp

How to Hack WhatsApp and Read Someone’s Messages without Their Phone

WhatsApp is a free and popular instant messaging application that most people use today. It is available for different platforms, including both PC and...

How to Remove Silent Pauses Using Silence Detection Add-On – Wondershare Filmora X

Creating and sharing creative content on YouTube and other platforms have become quite common these days. However, the audience only engages with the content...
Code to check if phone is hacked

Code to Check If Phone Is Hacked or Tapped 2021

Do you feel like someone is trying to listen to every phone conversation you make? This feeling may not mean anything, but sometimes, it...
How to fix a hacked Android phone

How to Fix a Hacked Android Phone in a Few Minutes?

Android phones are often considered safe as they come packed with lots of security features. So, is hacking android phone possible? Well, yes. No matter how...
How to find out who hacked your cell phone

How to Find Out Who Hacked Your Cell Phone and Fix It Fast

The advent of technology has proved to be a blessing for us. It has made it possible to contact our relatives living on the...

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