How to Earn Money Online with Google? – 10 Absolute and Genuine Ways

The online world is the decisive power that operates many activities required in this technology-driven world. Google is, no doubt, the king of the online world. It opens so many doors of opportunities that only the ‘countless’ word can describe its versatility. People depend on Google for various purposes. Nowadays, how to earn money from Google is a big question in everyone’s mind. Are you among those who are finding a Google online job?

You are among those who are interested in learning more about how to earn money online with Google. Through varied ways, humans worldwide are earning a good amount of currency by doing Google online work. Some prefer to spend many hours (even the whole day) for this purpose, while some believe in spending less time in exchange for a satisfactory amount.

How to earn money online with Google

How to Earn Money Online with Google?

There are many ways to get any of the Google online jobs. So, stop thinking about how to earn money with Google. Just find a Google online job that suits you best and then keep exploring related opportunities. If you want to work online for Google and get paid, read the entire post carefully.

1. Google AdSense – Oh! The very obvious

The tips on how to make money online with Google can never be completed without Google AdSense. However, it takes time once it starts making a profit; even a million dollars is not impossible.

  • What exactly does it do?

To be precise and simple, Google AdSense puts ads on your website. Every year, Google pays billions of dollars for this. Even a few ads on your page can bring a lot of money. The advertisements are according to the subject of your website. For instance, if your website discusses popular tourist places, tourism-related ads will appear there.

It is a great way to make money online with Google, but getting advertisements on your website is not a cakewalk; you need at least 10,000 views. After all, this is why a website gets ads; with more viewers and readers, the advertisements get a wider reach. Once you get a lot of views and visitors, you can register the site with Google AdSense. If you upload videos, connect them to your YouTube channel and enhance your income.

The ‘never to avoid’ points about Google AdSense.

  • It does not work on a WordPress account. If you really want a WordPress blog, then use WordAds.
  • Money doesn’t come quickly; you must keep updating your website with the latest updates and posts to earn money from Google. Fresh content attracts more users, which is good for getting more viewers and finally reaching a level (the 10,000 views concept) where your website can qualify for the Google AdSense criterion.

If you find things complicated, initially, starting with Blogspot/Blogger is better to start Google online work. It is always an easy and uncomplicated way to start earning through blogging. To get additional benefits, do affiliate marketing and post sponsored posts.

Take expert advice before starting to work on this concept and gaining all the basic information. Keep patience; it takes some time, but there is no doubt about the huge profit it brings after you reach the desired level.

2. YouTube – Addictive and Effective

There is no need to mention or explain much about this point. YouTube offers a Google online job. After all, what is left that you cannot find today on YouTube? Why not join this platform and earn money with Google?

Without going deep (as everyone is aware), let us take a quick look at the basic steps to earn money through YouTube.

Step 1Make your own YouTube Channel.

Step 2—Create a good video. A mobile device, web camera, or screen recording program can work.

Step 3 – Upload a video with a good title. Forget not to give a catchy thumbnail image.

Step 4 – Repeat it every day until a promising number of subscribers gathers.

Once it happens, there are a lot of possibilities. Apply for Google AdSense to earn money online with Google. Your videos may even go viral, making you a celebrity. Then, you can make videos (sponsored) for companies and get a good income. It is also one of the Google online jobs people are looking for.

You must learn Video SEO because it is vital for getting more video views.

Visit: YouTube

3. Google Blogger/Blogspot

Without any doubt, many of you have heard about Google Blogger, especially professional bloggers. It is a free blogging platform that can help you earn money with Google and other monetization methods. Although it takes some time, once your name and blog become famous, you can earn a huge amount of money.

Learn How to create a blog on Blogspot.

Your expertise in any particular area can help you answer the question of how to earn money from Google. Posting regular content on the blog is similar to Google online work. The list of topicsis not limited —from fashion to politics, all can be included. Make sure you write flawlessly on the subject and attract reasonable viewership.

Once you get regular viewers, ways to capitalize on the situation can be explored. Optimize the content according to your site and relevant searches. Once the ranking improves, get registered for AdSense and Adwords to get ads posted on your blog. Then, get paid for every single click.

4. Google Ads (AdWords)

It helps you make money online with Google indirectly but efficiently. It tells you about the popular keywords that are in search according to the latest trend. You can write or post about the same thing in the next update on a website and start Google online work. It also makes promotional strategies easy as you get to know the direction of waves in a specific industry.

And how does that make money?

If your site has ads, it is possible to bring your website to the notice of thousands of people by using Ads in the latest posts. In short, the more people click on ads, the more money you get. If many readers visit your site, then it is also possible to post sponsored content. Also, why not sell merchandise for your website? In short, opportunities are varied and versatile; explore them. Don’t keep the plans on paper only; give them life and bring them into action.

5. Selling Apps on Google Play brings big financial benefits

People are tech-savvy today and prefer handy things that help them do different tasks easily and instantly. If you want to earn money from Google, apps are undoubtedly good. Entertainment, games, financial transactions, ticket bookings, everything today gets done through apps. If you have any new idea to implement on a gaming or fun app, bring it into action. Make the app, list it on Google Play, and earn a profit. You need to learn some skills like coding, which is quite easy to achieve with the help of the internet and online tutorials.

The process to upload the app –

  • Create a Google Wallet Merchant Account.
  • Sign in and open up the section of ‘financial reports.’
  • Click on the ‘Set up a merchant account now.’
  • Upload your app and start earning.

As it is about earning money, publish the app with a price. For instance, 0.99 is affordable for users and profitable for you. To increase profit, set up the Google ads within the app. This is possible after the app becomes popular. Another option is to enable in-app purchases that can escalate your income manifold.

DON’T FORGET—You cannot convert a free app into a paid app. You need to create a new app and then upload it. 

6. Google Keyword Planner

Every day, people search for countless things on Google. The words they use to search for a particular thing become the keyword, as most people in a particular field use those lines to find out things. Google has created an application named ‘Google Keyword Planner’. It helps find existing and new keywords in different niches.

Features –

  • Discover search volume trends on different keywords.
  • Find out historical data on popular searches.
  • Find new keywords, phrases, categories, and websites.
  • Get location-specific and language-specific results.
  • Filter results by competition level, monthly searches, organic impressions, suggested bids, and ad impressions.

7. Search Engine Evaluation

It is a Google online job that involves making money while evaluating search engine results. The process is not very complicated. However, it is necessary to be familiar with the internet, as you need to spend considerable time on it.

Role of a search engine evaluator

  • Evaluate web pages, ads, websites, etc.
  • According to your evaluation, it becomes possible to know whether the search engine is finding relevant things.

The average payment to a search engine evaluator is $12 per hour. However, depending on the company that assigns the work, this payment may vary, meaning it can be more or less.

It is interesting work for those who love research and like to go deep into details. After all, this is how evaluation is done. If perfection reflects in your work, you have better chances of earning more in the future. Every company is happy to pay well if the evaluator is doing well. Some companies like Appen, Leapforce, Lionbridge, and iSoftStone are advisable to start with as an evaluators to give you advice.

8. Google Opinion Rewards

No matter if anyone is interested in your opinion or not, Google is always there to listen to you. It is one of Google’s online jobs. It is completely interested in knowing what and how you feel about a particular thing, so it gives you rewards for your views. Google Opinion Rewards is an app through which you can earn by sharing your views in a survey.

How does it work?

  • Download the app from here.
  • Give some of your basic personal details.
  • Start getting the surveys notifications once a week (the survey is about your satisfaction with a certain merchant in the form of reviews and user opinion).

In exchange for each completed survey, you get a credit on PayPal or Google Play store. The value of this credit can be up to $1.00.

  • Types of websites that can earn maximum money with Google AdSense

9. Google Pay

It is an indirect way to earn money online with Google. It is mainly beneficial for online stores and e-Commerce. Google Pay is a service that handles payment transactions your customers do, more or less, like PayPal. The main purpose of using this platform is the ‘trust factor.’ People find it difficult to trust any random website, but they can trust popular Google. It gives them a feeling of security that if anything in concern of payments goes wrong, Google is there to provide every necessary backup on the financial details. With this trust and perception in mind, you can get more customers to your website.

The power of faith is ubiquitous, and very few things in the world win the trust of such a large number of people. Google is among them. Money can be powerful, but it is also the reality that it comes to only those who achieve people’s confidence.

Whether it is an online store or a YouTube video, the more attention you get from the people, are the more profits. This planet is home to the cleverest social animal, which is humans. They depend on each other in some way or another. To get your purposes fulfilled, you need to serve the expectations and needs of other humans. If this Google online job is done properly, big benefits will come. The result is more business and more money.

Visit: Google Pay

10. Google Maps – Show the right way to the world

Google Maps is a widely used feature worldwide. As you know, it is available through an app, which makes it a handy tool for finding locations and earning money online with Google.

How to earn money with Google Maps?

In different ways, you can make money to walk to you without much hard work. For instance:

Give location review

Post reviews of the places you visit using this app. Your feedback is very valuable for Google as it helps improve its features. It is not a difficult job, and you can earn with less effort.

Post photos

It is a colorful way to exploit the Google Maps app to get money in your wallet. Click a lot of photographs while you visit varied places and tag them with the location’s name.

Edit and add location information

Numerous places on this earth have their virtual imitation on Google Maps but lack adequate and exact information. Why not edit the location information to make it perfect and sufficient for other users? Google pays you for this help. While editing, you can also add missed locations.

By making the best use of all the above features, you are helping Google improve its search statistics. In exchange, you get paid for that. Earnings may come gradually initially. With time, when your work improves, big profits are easy to expect.

Wrap Up

You cannot measure the deepness of the sea with a small measuring scale. It is much wider and deeper, much more than your expectations. Nowadays, the question of how to earn money from Google seems a cliche, but real money is hidden behind it. Google is not less than a set of scopes; just use this platform with the right amount of patience and smart work. Soon after some dedicated and determined efforts, money is sure to come.

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