Toys for Children Having Special Needs

All children are equally special to their parents. However extra care needs to be given to the selected few having special needs in terms of greater comfort assurance and creating a healthy play and learn environment filled with developmental activities. Today we will share some useful toys which are meant especially for children with special needs. These toys have proven to encourage the little ones with better communication and greater mobility without failing to keep their fun quotient high.

Toys Designed for Special Children

1. Catch-Me-Kitty (Vtech)

A perfect game for children suffering from autism and Down syndrome this colorful toy producing enticing music induces fine motor skills among children who love giving it simple commands and chasing it around the house.

2. Richard Scarry’s Busytown Eye Found It! Game (Wonder Forge)

richard scarry busy town game

This board racing game helps in improving focus, visual scanning capability and turn taking the ability of children suffering from hemiplegia and epilepsy.

3. Parum Pum Pum Drum (B. Toys)

Music serves as a powerful motivation for children suffering from cerebral palsy. This brightly colored musical toy does a great deal of attracting children and grabbing onto its various shapes induce hand movements.

4. LEGO DUPLO Building Set (LEGO)

The big pieces of this Lego puzzle are made especially for children having cerebral palsy. This game helps in boosting up their creativity and sharpens their maths skills.

5. Robot Claw (Sensory University)

Recommended highly by developmental therapist across the globe, this toy improves hand to eye coordination of autistic children.

6. Interstar Rings (Edushape)

Designed for easy manipulation, this toy has an appealing texture improves motor skills.

7. Wooden Ramp Racer (Imaginarium)

ramp racing set

This engaging game which does not run on batteries helps in increasing fine motor skills of children suffering from Asperger’s syndrome. It also increases their social skills when they take turns while playing with others. The sound of cars flipping down ramps also serves as a center of much attraction.

8. Screw Block Manipulative (Guidecraft)

Bright colors of this building block toy are helpful for children having Down syndrome. It boosts up their fine motor skills and also keeps them engrossed.

9. Ice Cream Parlor Pretend Play Set (Melissa & Doug)

The delicious looking ice cream cones help children suffering from Down syndrome with sequencing, matching, counting and stating out requirements.

10. Brilliant Basics Boppin’ Activity Bugs (Fisher-Price)

Pushing down those pop-ups helps out with finger isolation and elbow bending. It is highly beneficial for children having Miller-Dieker syndrome.

11. Laugh & Learn Learning Piggy Bank (Fisher-Price)

This toy aimed at children having vision issues and cerebral palsy can help them in overall motor skill development. The colorful piggy bank with attractive music and cause and effect functionality also help in keeping such children glued to the sequence of its functioning trying to figure out the science behind the same.

12. Fidget Spinner

dark fidget spinner

The best fidgeting toys are perfect for autistic children and those with nervous disabilities as it helps in improving concentration level.

We hope our article will help you out when you go shopping for toys the next time. Complete these play sessions with adequate love and support and watch your kid win over hurdles and difficulties on the go.

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  1. I appreciate your content. You have mentioned the importance of toys for kids. Yes they are very important in developing skills and fighting disabilities in child. Thanks for such an awesome content.

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    Olivia Morris

    Thank you for such nice content. Toys are really important for kids to develop their skills.

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    Just check out Poppy Baby Co and surprise your young ones with the these beautifully crafted wooden educational toys which they will love to hold.

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    Great post ., Thanks for sharing such a wonderful list..,My kids love wooden toys ..,Recently I have bought a wooden puzzle toy for my kid as a birthday present , which has 5 different characters to play and place back in the right place.Each location has the same pattern as the character to place it back easily.., he enjoys while playing with it.

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    Qhouse kids

    Amazing list ,i’m very confused what kind of gifts to buy for my nephew and I was looking for a useful toys which can encourage him in learning, these toys are really the perfect gifts for him. Hope he would love to play and learn with them.

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