Tech Devices to Take On Your Travels


As many of us gear up to go visit family and friends over the next few weeks for the holidays, we may be debating about what to pack with us on our travels.  You want to pack efficiently (those checked bag fees can really add up) but you also want to bring a few comforts of home (i.e., some of your digital devices) with you.  Traveling is always an adventure, but handy tech gadgets can make plane rides, car trips, and long layovers a little easier to handle and you also want to be able to document your adventures too.  Here are a few tech devices that you want to pack for your upcoming trip.

Carry These Tech Devices While Traveling

Travel tech devices

Google Chromecast

If your holiday trip includes a stay in a hotel, you may want to invest in this very portable device.  For the affordable price of $35.00, you can stream on any television that has HDMI capability.  From your laptop or smartphone, you can stream from your Netflix account or Youtube.  It is a great tech device that is easy to pack and operate.  If you are already familiar with how Google Chromecast works but want to step it up, Ryan Waniata, contributor for, suggests going with the $69.00 version of the newly released Chromecast Ultra which promotes stronger connection, faster streaming, and higher resolution.

Wireless Headphones

As any seasoned traveler knows, wireless headphones are a must when navigating through the hustle and bustle of holiday travel.  Find yourself a set that has great noise canceling capability so you can drown out the noise of the crowd during long layovers and flights.  A good set will cost a little, but the perks of being able to listen to your favorite playlist instead of screaming children during your travels will be priceless.


If travel plans include some major sightseeing and exploring, you want to definitely look into getting a GoPro and packing it to take on your vacation.  You can place your GoPro anywhere.  If you are taking a scenic drive, you can mount the camera to your rental car.  Plan on doing some surfing or paddleboarding?  Mount the camera to your body to capture the experience.  The GoPro is a great way to capture your holiday adventures and if you do a little research on how to use the GoPro effectively, can give you great pictures of your travels.

Preparing for your travel plans can be stressful, but once all of the preparations like vaccinations and immunizations, and flights and hotels are booked, you want to pack a few of these tech devices.  Bringing the comforts of technology with you will ensure that your travels will be a little more enjoyable so you can focus on fun and family for the holidays.


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