When Outlook and Exchange Server are used in complement with each other, users can work with Exchange mailbox in offline mode. A copy of the Exchange Server mailbox gets stored in the local machine of the users that allow them to work even at the downtime of Server. These files are saved with an extension of .ost, which is abbreviation of Offline Storage Table.

The OST files are quite delicate and can become inaccessible due to a variety of reasons. However, these files can be accessed by converting them into PST format using some OST Recovery Tool. Before dealing with the scenarios that demands for OST to PST conversion let’s check out the location of OST files in different versions of Windows Server.

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Scenarios That Demand For OST To PST Conversion

Some of the scenarios which demands to recover data from OST files by converting them into PST format include:

  • Exchange is in recovery mode.
  • Emails and other important items are deleted by mistake from OST files.
  • Problem with oversized OST files.

A Glance On OST And PST Files

From above discussion it is clear that the inaccessible OST files can be recovered by converting them into PST format. Hence, it becomes important to understand about these two files.

OST and PST files have more or less similar structure. However, there are some differences between them. PST files are used by Outlook for storing mailbox data of the user. On the other hand, OST files are used by Exchange Server for storing email messages and mailbox data. Moreover, the OST files can be used in offline mode that means one can access OST files when there is no connection with the Exchange Server or the internet connection is broken. However, in order to access PST files there should be internet connection.

Recovery Of Inaccessible OST Files

One can perform the conversion to fetch data from OST can be done manually or by using OST Recovery Tool. The selection of the methods can be done according to the convenience of the users.

Manual Method

One can convert perform OST to PST Conversion by creating a new PST file in Outlook profile and then dragging the mailbox folders into the newly created PST file. It must be taken care that the default folders of OST files like inbox, calendars and contacts cannot be dragged to the PST file.

Performing the conversion manually is not a cup of tea and one can face a lot of difficulties. Hence, it is better to opt for a third party tool for the conversion. A large number of third party tools are available for the conversion. One can select a tool according to their convenience.

What Next If Manual Methods Fail?

If OST Integrity tool fails to recover your OST files then do not go into pieces. There are still a number of ways to recover OST files. The most suitable way to recover them is using OST to PST Converter Tool. These tools are designed in order to provide heart and soul recovery of OST files.

One such solution is OST Recovery. The tool is professionally created and is equipped with impressive range of functionalities to recover inaccessible OST files and convert them into PST, MSG and EML formats. The tool is capable to repair and convert severely corrupt OST files into above mentioned formats along with attachments. It preserves the folder hierarchy and Meta of the OST files. After scanning the OST files it provides preview of the data items for the convenience of the users. The software can convert OST files into PST format in bulk thus, saves precious time of the users.

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