How Compress PDF File Size Different from Reduce PDF File Size?

Do you believe how to compress a pdf and how to reduce pdf file size are two different questions? Yes, when you want to compress PDF file size or reduce PDF file size, it is important to understand that they are two different things altogether. Soda PDF online and offline software offer both options for its users with a lot of the same protocol of achieving the intended change, that is, either reduction of file size or the compress PDF files. If you are looking for the best PDF compressor online, then try Soda PDF online, which is the best pdf compressor software used by millions of users.

How to compress PDF file size for email?

Many of us want to compress PDF to 100kb because it is an ideal size for an email attachment. A PDF size converter can help to achieve this size. Users can compress PDF on Mac using Soda PDF online or offline software.

Reduce and compress Soda PDF files

Now, you should learn how to compress PDF file size for email. We will learn how these functions can be done with little effort and time through almost the same procedure to produce a small PDF.

How to reduce PDF file size?

There are many benefits of reducing PDF files. You can follow three simple steps that you can follow to reduce the size of the PDF file and finally get a small PDF file. These steps are given below with a complete step-by-step description.

Select the Quality Level

Download and install the Soda PDF software in your system and open it. Go to the ‘File’ menu and choose the ‘Reduce File Size’ option. Here you can select the quality settings by simply sliding over a line that is graduated with the quality levels. A complete description below each of the quality settings tells you about all that will happen to the quality of the document to be reduced in size using Soda PDF software.

Reduce the Size of the PDF File

When you are ready to proceed after selecting the quality level, click on the ‘Reduce’ option mentioned at the top right of the quality parameters. What will happen after doing this is that they will first estimate the size of the file and then reduce it.

Save the Reduced PDF File

After the prediction and selection of file size by Soda PDF software, you can click on the save option. A browse window will appear where you can choose the place in your system to save this reduced-sized file. Once the file is saved, the PDF file size is successfully changed.

The way you can compress your PDF files is also very simple and almost similar to the protocol we follow for reducing the file size, except for a few options we use while doing it.

How to compress a PDF file in Soda PDF?

Select the Quality Level

To compress PDF files, you must take care of the document’s quality.

  • Open the file that is to be compressed.
  • After this, click on the ‘File’ menu and click on ‘Compress.’
  • Using the slider, you can guide the Soda PDF software to care for the quality you want.

There is a whole range of quality parameters, just as in the case of a size reduction option.

Compress the File and Save It

As the compression quality is selected to compress PDF file size, click on the ‘Compress’ option.

The Soda PDF software will estimate the file size, just like it does when you are reducing the file size.

Now, when you click on the ‘Save’ option, you will be directed to save the file anywhere you like in your system.

The only difference between these two is that compression saves disk space to save more files, while size reduction is exclusive to the size reduction of images.

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