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Our life is full of memorable moments and we always capture special moments in form of pictures and videos. Sometimes we need to add some extra effects to make it fantabulous. Such enhancements in videos are possible with a video editing software. Movavi Video Editor is a good choice for video editing. It’s not complicated and you can learn it very easily in few minute. It’s a simple user friendly interface that makes it a good software for both home users and professional. The post will guide you how can you enhance a video or movie with Movavi Video Editor?

Movavi Video Editor will make possible to:

  • Split videos in two or selected clip into multiple parts
  • Add artistic effects to videos
  • Merge two or more video clips and insert smooth transitions
  • Add title at start and end of the videos
  • Export videos for your favorite device i.e. smartphone, tablet or personal computer
  • Export videos in web formats i.e. for YouTube or Vimeo

You can create a surprising video for your family and friends, they will love it.

1. Add or drag video to software

From File menu you can add video to software or directly drag video to ‘Drag your files here’ window. If adding multiple videos then you can use drag and drop feature to change the order.

It is also possible to add videos and photos on the timeline to merge. To change the order, drag and drop feature works here too.

Add videos to the editor
Add videos to the editor

2. Split video or remove unnecessary parts

If you want to save only certain parts of video then you can use split feature. With this you split video in two or multiple parts. To delete unnecessary parts you can do right click on clip and choose delete option from the context menu.

By using Left and right markers on sleek slider you can cut the clip and give it a new beginning and end.

Split video into two or multiple parts
Split video into two or multiple parts

3. Apply artistic effects to enhance video

Best quality video has different level of impression to its viewer. This amazing video editor will let you add some filters and effects to improve the quality of your video. This software will work as a video enhancer and its filters will analyze and calculate the best characteristics for your video. You can use these filters very easily and effectively they will improve the quality of your video.

Auto Contrast, Auto Saturation, White Balance and Magic Enhance are best available part of this software. With these tools you can correct highlights and shadows, color saturation of entire image, and lighting conditions. With MagicEnhance you can do this in one click. Features like Deinterlace, Brightness, Contrast, Blur, Sharpen, Color Balance, Hue/Saturation, Gamma, Chroma Balance, Denoise, Deblocking are available to produce professional output.

With artistic effects you can make your video like sci-fi movie or 30s black and white film. Let us know how to bring these filters and effects in your video.

Too see the list of all effects you need to click on Effects button. By clicking on the desired effect you can see the preview. For some effects like contrast there may an option under Settings. When you have decided which effect is better you may press Apply button. At the any moment if you want to remove the applied effect, you can press Delete button.

Apply filters and effects to video
Apply filters and effects to video

4. Use transitions to join fragments

Fades button is available to see the list of all transitions. To use you can drag the transition effect on timeline and place it between two clips or two photos or one clip and one photo. Similarly you can apply transition effect at the beginning and end of video. Some transition may have options to custom settings under Settings button.

Join fragments with smooth transitions
Movavi Video Editor – Join fragments with smooth transitions

5. Add title at the beginning and end

Like a movie you can add custom title and cast to your video. To add title you have to click on Titles button. It will show the list to all title styles. Pick a particular style and click on Settings button to get the available settings (type your text and set parameters like font, size and color, add shadows to letters, adjust animation and other settings as desired) for that style. Once you are ready to apply a title then you can use drop down of Add button to select where you want to put this title. Give location are Add to the Start of the Video Track or Add to the End of the Video Track.

Use custom titles for your videos
Movavi Video Editor – Use custom titles for your videos

6. Add Overlay titles on scenes

Overlay titles are description about a particular scene. To add this drag desired title style on a particular moment. You may use red cursor to move it to some point. You can stretch the title block to duration of the title during the scene. All setting options are same as I told you before in point number 5.

Add overlay titles when required
Movavi Video Editor – Add overlay titles when required

7. Add custom sounds and audio

To add custom sounds you have to click on Media button then drag files to ‘Drag your files here’ window and then drag this file to timeline. You can trim the audio if its duration is more than video length or you may loop the audio to fit it to length of your video. To remove excess part of audio split it into two part and remove unwanted part. If video length is larger than audio then drag audio multiple times on the timeline and trim the excess part.

Fade effects may be applied on audio files so you can set the audio fade-in and fade-out duration.

Ad custom sounds to videos
Movavi Video Editor – Ad custom sounds to videos

8. Save project file

From the File menu you can pick the Save Project As… option. This is required step while you’re editing a video because you may need to make some changes in video later, like changing video format; it’s better than converting video with some video converter. You can save the project in a specified folder of your computer’s hard disk.

Save project file for future edits
Movavi Video Editor – Save project file for future edits

9. Export the finalized video

When you’re done with all changes then you can export in a supported device format as per your requirement. Click on Save Movie button and choose the desired export option from the list of available presets and click Save button. As conversion got finished the folder containing finalized video will open automatically. Now you can show this video to your family and friends.

Export your awesome video
Movavi Video Editor – Export your awesome video in supported formats



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