How to Recover Deleted Photos on Mac

We still take pictures from our digital camera or iPhone and store them on our Mac Pro, Mac Studio, Mac mini, iMac, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air. Photos management, editing, and sharing become easy on these powerful devices. You can impress your family and friends by sharing creatively edited pictures to make their memories special. Unfortunately, you don’t know how to delete photos on a Mac, but unintentionally pressing a key on the keyboard can delete photos from a Mac. Suddenly, you lose your most precious picture or an entire album, and all your editing efforts go in vain.

MacOS, iCloud, and the Photos app help users back up and recover deleted photos on Mac. This makes photo recovery after accidental deletion and technical malfunctions possible.

This article covers how to recover deleted photos on Mac with the possible methods. I am sure you’ll be able to recover and restore deleted photos.

How Can Photo Loss On Your Mac Occur?

There are multiple reasons for photo loss on your Mac devices.

  • You may delete photos from the Photos app.
  • You may delete photos or albums from the Finder app.
  • A photo editing app crashed during photo editing.
  • You edited a photo and overwrote the original copy.
  • You may permanently delete photos and folders from Bin.
  • You may delete the iCloud folder on your Mac.
  • You deleted pictures on your iPhone or iPad, which got deleted from iCloud.
  • Someone malware deleted some of your photos from your Mac.
  • You formatted a hard disk partition that had pictures.
  • A hard disk failure.

Where Do Deleted Photos Go?

  • Photos deleted from the Photos app are kept safe in the Recently Deleted folder for the next 30 days.
  • Photos deleted from the Finder app are kept safe in the Bin. You may have set the Bin to empty after 30 days.
  • Photos deleted from the Photos app and iCloud (macOS, iOS, & iPadOS) go to the Recently Deleted folder of the iCloud Photos.

Where Do Permanently Deleted Photos Go?

Permanently deleted photos don’t go anywhere. These images and pictures are on your hard disk, but you can’t access them. However, you can recover and restore deleted pictures using third-party professional photo recovery tools.

How to recover deleted photos on Mac

How to Recover Deleted Photos on Mac?

Hereunder, we explained the five ways to recover deleted photos on Mac. Any of the following methods can help you get your favorite pictures back on your computer so you never lose your memories of your loved ones.

1. Recover Deleted Photos from the Recently Deleted Folder

Once a photo is deleted from the Photos app, it can be recovered from the Recently Deleted folder within 30 days. You can check this folder to recover photos you accidentally deleted on your Mac computer.

Steps to recover deleted photos from the Recently Deleted Folder-

  • Open the Photos app on your Mac.
  • Click the Recently Deleted menu in the left sidebar. This menu appears only if deleted photos exist in the folder. Otherwise, it won’t appear.
  • Select a photo or more photos to recover.
  • Right-click on the selected photos and click Recover.
  • Else, click the Recover button given in the top-right of the Photos app. The selected items will be restored to the folder where you deleted them.

Recover deleted photos from recently deleted

2. Recover Deleted Photos from the Bin

Photos deleted from the Photos app go to the Recently Deleted folder. But what if you don’t find your photos there? You can check the Bin on your Mac. After you delete photos from the Mac, they go to the trash bin. The trash bin keeps the deleted files and folders until you manually empty them. You can change the Finder app settings to auto-empty the trash bin after 30 days.

Steps to recover deleted photos from the Bin –

  • Click the Bin icon to open the trash folder.
  • You can search for and locate the photos you want to put back (recover) in their original place.
  • Please select one or more photos and right-click on them. Then, click the Put Back to restore them immediately. 

Recover deleted photos from trash bin on Mac

3. Recover the deleted photos from iCloud

Apple users can create an Apple ID to use iCloud and other services. You can enable iCloud Photos on your device (Mac, iPhone, or iPad) to back up your photos to iCloud. Once you log in to iCloud, you also have another Recently Deleted folder. Have you backed up your photos to iCloud Photos? If yes, you can recover deleted photos from iCloud Photos’ Recently Deleted folder within 30 days of deletion. Let’s see how I recover photos from iCloud.

Steps to recover photos from iCloud –

  • Sign in to using your Apple ID.
  • Click on the Recently Deleted tab in the left sidebar.
  • Select one or multiple pictures to recover.
  • Click Recover, and photos will be restored in your Photos app.

Recover deleted photos from recently deleted on iCloud Photos

Now, what if you want to recover deleted photos on a Mac after 30 days? Do you have any idea how to do this?

We are here to help you with two questions with the same meaning –

  • How to recover deleted photos after deleting from recently deleted?
  • How to recover permanently deleted photos on Mac computers?

The following two methods can help you recover permanently deleted photos on Mac.

4. Recover Permanently Deleted Photos from Time Machine

Every macOS has a built-in backup and restore tool called Time Machine. You can use it to create a backup of your computer data. Later, you can restore backup to recover deleted photos on Mac. If you haven’t made Time Machine backups yet, you won’t be able to recover deleted pictures from them.

Steps to recover photos from Time Machine backup –

  • Connect the external hard disk with Time Machine backup to your Mac computer.
  • Open that storage location using the Finder app from where you have deleted photos you want to recover.
  • Locate and click the Time Machine icon in the top menu bar. It shows you the option “Enter Time Machine,” click on it.
  • Access the Time Machine backups using date and timeline, and find the deleted photos to restore them.
  • Select the photos and click the Restore button. This step will restore these photos to their storage location.

Recover deleted photos from Time Machine on Mac

5. Recover Permanently Deleted Photos using Recoverit Photo Recovery

Recoverit is another trusted recovery software available on Mac and Windows, among other third-party tools. You can see the preview of each photo that this photo recovery software can recover from your hard disk. Thus, you can retrieve each photograph after looking at its preview. It’s a premium photo recovery software to recover deleted pictures, videos, and file data on Mac.

Steps to recover permanently deleted photos using Recoverit –

  • Install Wondershare Recoverit on your Mac.
  • Open the Recoverit app.
  • Select the hard disk partitions and locations.
  • Scan the hard disk partitions, trash bin, desktop, or folders to find permanently deleted photos. You can deep scan your hard disk partitions to recover all lost pictures.

Recover deleted photos with Wondershare Recoverit

  • Grant full access to Recoverit on your Mac.
  • See the preview of each picture and select the photos to recover.
  • Click on the Recover button to save selected photos on your Mac.

Now, you can recommend “Recoverit” to people who ask how to recover permanently deleted photos on Mac computers.

How to Avoid Photo Loss on Mac?

Always take preventive measures to avoid photo loss on Mac. We have a few suggestions to help you.

  • Regularly back up your Mac using Time Machine or a third-party backup tool.
  • Use an antivirus and firewall program to stay safe from malware. Always scan the external hard disk using an antivirus program before accessing it and copying files to your computer.
  • Carefully format hard disk partitions or disk drives to safeguard your data. I recommend you back up before formatting the hard disk.

Final Note

Apple macOS has many possible solutions for recovering deleted photos, including taking backups and restoring them later. However, only external backups and third-party recovery tools can help when you want to recover permanently deleted photos on a Mac. So, how do you recover deleted photos on your Mac? Kindly tell us your trusted photo recovery method for retrieving deleted pictures from macOS 12, 11, 10, etc.

This article helped you discover how to recover deleted photos on a Mac. If you enjoyed this post, you will share it with your needy friends through social media and personal messages.

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