How to Use Google Hindi Input Tool on Windows, Chrome and Android?

Google Hindi Input Tool makes it easy to type in Hindi. It is also known as Google Hindi Keyboard or Google Hindi typing tool. Users around the globe who wish to write in Hindi/Devanagari may type phonetically. Google Input Tools for Windows 10 has been discontinued. You can use Google Input Tools from any web browser. Also, it is now available for Chrome Browser, Chrome OS, and Android OS. You can use it online and offline if using the Google Input Tools Chrome extension or Android app.

Windows users may be interested in installing the Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool (ILIT), which is available on the Microsoft Bhasha website. Well, let’s continue with our topic.

Google Hindi typing software is free to download for Windows 7

In this post, I will provide the Google Indic Keyboard for Windows/Google input tools offline installer. The Google Hindi input download link is given under point number 5.

Personalized Dictionary

This Google Hindi Keyboard uses a custom dictionary to keep new or uncommon words and manual corrections for future use.

Supported Languages

We are talking about Google Hindi Keyboard, but this tool allows you to type more than 80 languages. You can select and type in your favorite language/script.

Google Hindi Keyboard or Google Hindi Input Tool for Online and Offline Installer

5 Ways to Use Google Hindi Input Tool/Google Hindi Keyboard

Below are ways to use Google Hindi Keyboard on any Windows, Mac, Chrome, Android, or other operating system.

1. Online Google Input Tools/Google Hindi Keyboard

If you want to use Google Hindi Input Tool Online, bookmark the link below.

2. Google Input Tools Chrome Extension

Chrome browser is trendy. Users may install the Google Hindi Keyboard Chrome Extension given on the following link.

You may watch this video on installing and using the Google Hindi Input Tool in the Chrome browser.

Google Input Tools Chrome Extension allows users to use predefined keyboard shortcuts and create their own shortcuts through the “Keyboard shortcuts” setting page.

3. Google Input Tools for Chrome OS

You may or may not be aware of Chrome OS, but it exists. Google Input Tools are also available for Chrome OS. Learn how to set up the Google Hindi Input Tool step by step.

4. Google Indic Keyboard for Android

Android users can install the Google Indic Keyboard from the Google Play store. You can type any Indian language using this keyboard. You need to select the Hindi language for Hindi typing.

5. Google Hindi Keyboard for Windows

The Google Hindi keyboard for Windows (Offline Installer) has been discontinued, but we are providing you with the Google Hindi input download link from a third-party host. It may or may not work on your Windows PC. Those who want Google Input Tools for offline use can try it.

Google input tools download-

  • Download the Google Input Tools here.
  • Download the Google Hindi Input Tool here.

I need your suggestion to extend this post about the Google Hindi Input Keyboard as per your need.

Enjoy the Google Hindi Typing tool!

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