How to Get A Streak Back on Snapchat

Snapchat has become an indispensable component of the lives of social media users. Snapchat’s revolutionary and one-of-a-kind features have altered the trajectory of communication. Yet, it took the creators, Evan Spiegel, Frank Reginald Brown, and Bobby Murphy, 34 trials to come up with such an invention.

Snapstreak (Snapchat streak) is one such innovative feature that has quickly gained popularity among Snapchat users. On April 6, 2015, the Snapchat streak came into existence. Since its introduction, streaks have gone mainstream among users. Users have made Snapchat streaks a culture. Creators use Snapchat streaks to keep the followers fully updated on the regular pursuits of the users. Many individuals’ lives have now become intimately connected with streaks on Snapchat. They capture every step of their routine, whether taking a slice of a cake, driving to a local supermarket or merely relaxing at home. They share it all.

Maintaining streaks includes sharing photos or videos with your followers. To maintain Snapchat streaks, the user must share a snap every 24 hours. If somehow the user fails to send a snap, the streak will break automatically. But don’t worry! This article will reveal how to get your snap streak back.

What Are Streaks on Snapchat

Snapstreaks aren’t merely a trend on Snapchat. They’re a cultural tradition for the app’s users.

A Snapstreak is a streak on Snapchat. It is essentially an ongoing exchange of snaps among two users. Thus, two Snapchat users can create a Snapstreak by continuously sending snaps to each other.

You might be wondering what a user benefits from doing so. Although consistent sharing of snaps between two Snapchat friends creates a Snapstreak, it’s only a virtual trophy common between two users. 

For instance, in any game, when a player completes a level, he receives crowns or diamonds, but in this case, users receive trophies for holding streaks.

Snapchat streak recovery - How to get your snap streak back

How to Create a Snapstreak on Snapchat

Steps to create a streak on Snapchat:

  1. Open your Snapchat app.
  2. Choose a friend with whom you’d want to start a streak.
  3. Keep in mind both the users must send snaps to each other for more than three days in a row. 
  4. Keep sharing snaps every 24 hours to hold this streak alive.

Users can share a streak with multiple people. Then, repeat the process with other users.

Meaning of Snapchat Streak Emoji

Snapchat honors its users’ accomplishments with unique emoticons, so the Snapstreak emoji changes with time. 

For example, a fire sign “🔥” appears beside a friend’s name if you and your friend have shared snaps for more than three days. After passing each day, it will grow. Suppose if a person (Jack) has maintained a streak with you for 25 days, it will be like “Jack 25 🔥”. 

Thus, the number next to the emoji signifies the days of the streak’s existence. 

In the same way, after 100 days, the Snapstreak icon changes to “💯” and a mountain emoji “⛰️” appears for the longest streak.

You’ll observe an hourglass icon “⌛” beside the username when a streak is about to expire. For instance, “Jack ⌛.”

What Doesn’t Count Toward A Snapchat Streak?

Users must send snaps to each other during a 24-hour cycle to keep their Snapchat streak going. The term “snaps” denote a photo or a video sent in a direct message.

The items listed below do not qualify for building a Snapstreak:

  1. Photos and videos from Snapchat memories and camera rolls.
  2. Texts and stickers.
  3. Snaps that you sent in a group.
  4. Content that you sent through Snapchat spectacles.
  5. Daily story recording

Reasons Why You Lost Your Snapstreak

Here are some explanations for the cessation of your Snapstreak:

Technical glitches

Snapchat isn’t known for having many technical issues. It occurs in the rare instance when a user loses the streak. However, Snapchat has a restoration strategy in case of a technical malfunction when you lose your Snapstreak. Have your Snapstreak lost? Snapchat streak restore is possible. The user should visit the Snapchat support page and follow the instructions.

Sending texts and camera roll photos instead of snaps

The terms “snap” and “chat” are commonly mixed up by users. Suppose you assume that sending a message is sufficient to keep your streak going. You’ve made a serious mistake. Simply send a snap or video via your Snapchat camera to keep the streak going. You could even use different lenses to snap a photo and add audio, stickers, gifs, location, and other elements to spice things up.

The hourglass vanished

The user must send a snap within 24 hours to keep the streak going. Sending and receiving snaps is limited to 24 hours. The streak will expire if the user fails to send a snap by even a matter of milliseconds. An hourglass appears beside the username to alert both the users. This hourglass instantly appears after passing 20 hours without communication. The user must send the snap and remind the other users to do the same to keep the streak alive.

Things to Know Before Snapchat Streak Recovery

Let’s start by ensuring you have a legitimate claim before making a Snapstreak restore request.

Two people must send snaps to each other every day to keep a Snapstreak alive. To maintain a Snapstreak, practice the following points:

  1. At least once every 24 hours, send a snap to your Snapchat friend.
  2. Remember that a text, image, or clip from Memories will not score for your snap streak.
  3. In the same 24-hour cycle, receive and open a snapshot from the same friend.
  4. Only sending or receiving Snaps from the same Snapchat friend will count. A group messaging will not qualify for a Snapstreak.

If you met the guidelines and still lose your Snapstreak, you can perform Snapchat streak recovery by following the steps outlined in the upcoming section.

Note: For instance, whenever you update your Snapchat app. Sometimes you discover a bug, such as your snaps not marked as read, or maybe any other glitch, do not freak. Just capture screenshots of that and store them for future reference.

How to Get Your Snap Streak Back

The ways how to get a streak back on Snapchat are below:

Snapchat Streak Recovery through the App

Complete the following steps to recover your lost Snapstreak through your Snapchat app.

  • Open the Snapchat app and log in to your account.
  • Tap your profile icon given in the top left corner.
  • Now, click the gear icon given in the top right corner.
  • Scroll down the Settings page till you see the SUPPORT section.
  • After that, tap “I Need Help.”

Snapchat support I need help

  • Next, tap the topic “Snapstreaks.”
  • Tap the “let us know” link.
  • Tap the “I lost my Snap streak” radio button.

I lost my Snapstreak support

  • Precisely fill out the form.
  • Finally, tap the “Send” button to submit it.

Fill the form get back your Snapstreak

Snapchat seems unable to aid you if the hourglass icon flashed before your streak expired. Perhaps, there may be a way to test one last resource. After that, you can make a compelling argument to back your plea for Snapchat streak recovery.

To present a compelling argument to the Snapchat support staff for the Snapstreak recovery, you can strive to provide sufficient information regarding your issue in the “What information should we know” box.

Snapchat Streak Recovery through the Website

Alternatively, you can use your desktop, laptop, or personal computer.

Do the same to recover your lost Snapstreak. Complete the following steps below:

1. Go to the Snapchat support page.

2. Click on Snapstreaks.

Snapstreaks supportSnapstreaks support

3. You are on the “I lost my Snapstreak” page. Click the “let us know” link.

Snapstreaks - let us know

4. Click on the I lost my Snapstreak radio button.

I lost my Snapstreak

5. Fill out the Contact us form to the best of your ability.

Fill the form - I lost my Snapstreak

6. Click the Send button to submit your request.

On this page, users may submit their Snapchat streak recovery request. However, users should be aware that it would be tough to retrieve if the timer appears on Snapchat before the streak ends. But you can give it a try to build a case using the above info.

Tricks and Tips for Streaks on Snapchat

The following are a few essential tips to aid users in getting the most out of their Snapstreaks.

Start Snapstreaks on special occasions

If you’re planning to start a Snapstreak, consider doing it on a memorable occasion. Your birthday, festival, or any event, for instance, might have a game-changing influence on your Snapstreak. In addition, it may quickly pique the interest of other users and make them entertained.

Start engaging with only interested people

Not everyone who uses Snapchat enjoys streaks. The vast majority of people use Snapchat for its renowned lenses. While others merely use it to make connections. It is also used for dating since the chats disappear after reading, which is comfortable for both users. Therefore, streaking is only popular among people that devoted to streaking. If the other individual is uninterested, it can quickly become aggravating. Thus pick your Snapstreak partner wisely.

Start Snapstreaks with your friends or colleagues

Connecting with random people isn’t for everyone, and it’s exceptionally hard for introverts. Similarly, sending snaps to random users could seem weird and uncomfortable, but what if you uncover another streak partner? It is weirdly common among Snapchat users to interact with random people, which might present an avenue for Snapstreak fans.

It is typical to build a Snapstreak with strangers. However, not everyone you encounter will share your passion. Therefore, building Snapstreaks with individuals you know is preferable since your odds of maintaining them are superior to them.

These tips will come in handy if you’re a seasoned Snapstreaker looking to keep the spirit alive without investing much effort.

Manage your Snapchat friends

Snapchat has a lot of tricks up its sleeve. Rearranging your friends is one of them. In addition, Snapchat users can pick a nickname for their friends to make it simpler to recall who someone is. 

Once you’ve started a conversation with any of them, click on the friend’s profile icon or name in the upper left corner to open his profile. Next, tap his name to pick a nickname for him. You can use the prefix “Aaaa” to pin the name to the top of your list.

Start using Snapstreak filters

It may imply that we might address the use of Snapchat filters within this section. However, this hack has been around for quite some time. In addition, it’s common for people to forget who they are at the start of a Snapstreak.

Follow these simple steps to restore your Snapchat streak:

  1. First, go to the filters anytime you’re sending a snap.
  2. The Snapchat streak filters are available on the same screen.
  3. Use a filter to reminisce on your Snapchat streak.

This trick may be effective in restoring your Snapstreak.

The best time to send snaps

When sharing snaps, time is crucial, specifically if users want to send one daily. We know the hourglass icon, which shows for a limited period. As a result, sharing snaps late in the day might be a creative method to keep streaks rolling.

For example, if you send a snap in the morning, the hourglass icon will not display until the evening. However, if you send it late at night, it will appear the next morning.

Yet, several folks believe that early morning is the best time to send a snap. It’s all because of their developed habits.

As there are two types of people, one an early bird and another a night owl, snapping depends on a person’s lifestyle. We’ve presented both scenarios to you, so the final call is all yours.

Snap blank pictures with attractive captions

Some users may be reluctant to share insights into their personal lives with strangers. There is a way for such users to become good snap chatters by sustaining streaks despite the absence of content. Users can click a blank photo and type “streak” in the caption or add an emoji, a gif, or music. Use Snapchat’s features to your advantage. It would undoubtedly make users more distinct and creative. Use your imagination. The sky is the limit.

To Sum It Up

Streaking has become a widespread Snapchat trend in recent years. To keep the flame alive, you must use the facts mentioned above and make the best use of them. Happy snapping!

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