CRM Features that Would Help Businesses to Prosper


CRMs have made many businesses go from broke and unorganized to wealthy and systematic. Companies are investing in it aggressively so that they are not left behind their competitors. If appropriately implemented, CRM features could translate into benefits for the Sales department, Marketing, Service, and other teams. To put this, CRM is used in helping a company manage its interactions with its prospective customers and current customers. Not only does it help improve the productivity of a company, but it also helps in customer satisfaction and retention.

Having the data of each customer and his/her interaction with the organization is imperative because it helps to understand what makes them tick. This is where a CRM comes into place because it helps in tracking of individual clients, thus helping in giving personalized service.

CRM Features

CRM Features

Let us see in detail some of the CRM features that would make businesses prosper. Thanks to CRM –

Solve customer’s issues

A company is usually judged on how it can solve a customer’s complaints as fast and as judiciously as possible. The presence of a CRM system means that such issues are handled as tactfully and authentically. Not only does it help in solving such issues, but it also makes sure that it is sent to the appropriate department.

Close deals. More of them

The company can send targeted campaigns, making them as personal as possible due to CRM’s capacity and give service to the client in the best manner possible. Categorizing leads become easier and facile for a salesman to use it while delivering pitches. This helps them to spend time wisely and concentrate on high value leads rather than calling all and sundry. This, in turn, helps in making better contracts and generating more revenue for the company. Therefore, the productivity of the sales team is improved, and it is a win-win situation for everybody.

Improve product portfolio % services offered

One advantage of CRM is that one can glean (obtain) data from various sources, such as calls, chats, social media, emails, etc. This kind of CRM features can use all the data that is available from different quarters to identify where it goes wrong in terms of the client’s wants and desires. It also puts a finger to where customer’s attitudes are with regards to products and services offered.

Referrals & Revenue from present customers

With a CRM system, it will be easy to identify opportunities (prospecting customers). A simple mantra to keep a customer coming back would be to give the best service possible and keep them happy. This will increase the revenue multi-fold because it is understood that it is easy to make money on a present customer rather than finding a new one. And a satisfied customer will be more than happy to bring in more customers to you by referring them explaining about your good service. This way, there are more customers coming in, and revenues are also increased. It sure is a double whammy.

Improve the performance of the company

Most call centers have started using CRM tools to help their clients find a better understanding of their business to make crucial decisions. The CRM dashboard provides each company with real-time insights as to how the company is currently doing, which helps in analyzing its performance. The company will also be able to decipher prospects) that receive emails and analyze the interactions. This CRM feature makes it more useful.

A CRM tool that you get for your company should be able to support your strategy for the long-term haul as well as reduce the overhead expenses. It should also be easily upgradable as well as flexible in retrieving data. Maintaining an exclusive CRM pack like this should be an easy task if your CRM strategy is top-notch.

The company should implement a management strategy that will make customers focused and help in creating good relationships with them. A strategy like this would involve three stakeholders: Technology, People, and Process. The technology would be to collect information while the process would be to help analyze the info so that it could be of value. The people involved will play a significant role in providing seamless services to the customers. With CRM, the businesses can easily attract potential customers and keep current customers with the promise of better satisfaction.

Sales Automation

Among all CRM features, Automation is one of the most important. Automating a sales process not only saves time, but it also reduces any clerical error. It can also be automated in such a way to trigger emails or messages for specific requests or orders:

  1. When someone makes a purchase, there is an automatic message that is sent to the customer with details of the purchase.
  2. A customer who enters into the first stage of lead generation can be helped with an automated email until they are ready to be contacted by a sales team.

The automation should be in such a way that it should be able to customize quickly and efficiently create a personalized experience for each customer.

These processes will help customers who are very picky about the companies that they choose to select you over the others because of the proactive nature with which you work, thanks to the automation in your CRM tool. As they say, the little things matter. One should remember that to be a maven (expert) at handling hordes of customers; it is imperative that a CRM system is implemented. A CRM platform helps businesses better understand their customers, helps in reducing cost while increasing profits.

Zero Input Required

Most customer information, both existing and prospective, are scattered across the Internet, making it a difficult task for companies to scourge them. CRM features are designed to replace such laborious tasks by keeping customer’s information in synchronization. A technique called data crawling takes up internal information as well as external data from social networking platforms, to ensure that the company will have data about the latest activities which will be useful during a sales pitch. Larger companies that do this also use analytics software that allows them to cope with and process the large influx of data received, gives a more in-depth look into the analysis side of the process.


Implementing a CRM can boost your sales team’s performances. For this, the management should lead by example as to how it can work hard and show it as proof of their commitment to its customers. Implementing CRM can also be risky; this is why a few businesses are breaking the project into manageable pieces before embarking full-fledged.

Finding the sweet spot in tracking down CRM solutions is necessary to ensure that your investment will not be wasted. Choose ones that already have a name and reputation of delivering good service and an excellent track record.


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