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CRB Tech Solutions is one of the top corporate training and placement organization in Pune. It is the leading recruitment company that helps the enrolled students to get the best jobs. CRB Tech has helped many students to get their dream job by being the right help and guidance for them. It has been recognized as one of the best training and placement institutes with the consistent efforts that they put into finding the right and accurate placements for the students.

With years of experience and the in-depth knowledge of the trained faculty, CRB Tech has developed as one of the known and trusted name. Their excellence in the field of training and providing the right and detailed knowledge of the various course have helped them to achieve a reputed and respectful name in the education industry.

CRB Tech Review

If you are in a dilemma of whether to choose or not to choose CRB Tech as your partner for getting the right direction to get the right placement, then this detailed review of the institute will help you get a clear view. The decision for choosing the right institute is very important when we talk about placements in the leading companies.

crb tech review

The decision should not be made randomly based on some unsupported statements, rather a detailed analysis should be made, and experts should be asked for their feedback before choosing any institute. This is where detailed reviews help. This CRB Tech review talks about why the institute is preferred by the students, what are the strengths of the Institute and what the placed students and experts have to say about CRB Tech?

Strengths of CRB Tech

When selecting an institute for training and placements, one must be sure of what are the strengths and the strong pillars of the Institute. Talking about CRB Tech, the Institute focuses on providing the students with all the necessary help that they need for preparing themselves for their bright future.

One of our bright students “Krishika” who got placed in “Apotex” has stated that “the placement team at CRB Tech has always been supportive and the other students for finding the job as per their skills.” She further adds, “The staff is really supportive and never hesitate to explain the topics in detail for a clear understanding.”

Another student enrolled for.Net program with the Institute appreciate the efficiency of the HR team of CRB Tech by stating that,” The HR team is well-coordinated and is always available to help students about their queries and questions.” He also acknowledged the HR team for their quick response and patience.

CRB Tech is also known for creating the right learning environment for the students so that they can grab the logic very easily. The friendly nature of the faculty members is a great help for the students to be very open about their doubts and questions. CRB Tech is the preferred choice of many students for giving the right shape to their careers. Why? Let’s find out.

Why Students Prefer CRB Tech?

Students today are looking for perfection, and they are not ready to settle for anything less than that. The students are now very particular to inquire about all their concerns issues before choosing any training institute. The students observe every minute detail about the Institute and enroll themselves only when they are totally satisfied.

Thus, to provide students with all their answers and to make them satisfied with the offered services, the institute must avail excellence in every domain. One of the students from the JAVA batch, “Vijaya Shelke” who has been placed in “Fidel Softech Pvt. Ltd.”, defines, “CRB Tech institute had got the right mix of theoretical and technical knowledge that helps the student to learn the basics as well as get the detailing of the course.” Adding to the statement, he says, “The Institute not only helps the student with the course details but also guide and prepare them for the interview process.”

Other than this, the complete understanding of the Institute about the selection process of the various companies, understanding the working culture, providing the complete help with notes, teaching and helping students to adapt the traits to adjust with the working atmosphere are some of the reasons that students listed as their reason for choosing CRB Tech for their placement and training need. As an added advantage, the institute has genuine associations with many leading companies.

The CRB Tech Placement Clients

Out of the vast pool of companies, CRB Tech chose to be associated with only the leading and established names. The list of some of their clients reads something like this:

  1. IBM
  2. HCL
  3. Capgemini
  4. Cognizant
  5. Accenture
  6. HP
  7. Haier
  8. PubMatic
  9. Quick Heal
  10. NeoSoft Technologies

These are some of the associated companies that support CRB Tech to provide 100% placements to their students.

Review of the Placed Students

To seal the deal and to confirm the trust of the students to enroll them in the Institute, let us quickly review what the placed students want to say about the Institute.

The Institute is an excellent place to get the right training for the various technical courses. The friendly environment makes the students even more comfortable to sharpen their brains for in-depth knowledge of the course, says one of the students who got the right placement for her career. Click the links to have a closer look at what the placed students want to share

Anand’s Feedback about CRB Tech

To add to the praises of the Institute, one of the students, “Anand” who is presently working with “Cognizant” says, “CRB Tech is the best placement centers in Pune. The training and placement staff is awesome and is always ready to help the students for getting the right placements.”

  • Have a glance at experiences of CRB Tech Students


To conclude the discussion, it would not be wrong to say that if you are looking for the right direction for your career, then choosing CRB Tech can be the right step in that direction.


  1. If you really thinks that to attend the course then only proceed. Else once payment will over then there is no any attention at all. The entire team is looking after payment and will enforce you to make it asap. You can very well understand that until you don’t have the skills there is nothing a word like 100% placement. They all are making you fool.

  2. Enter at your own risk at crb tech. Once you visited they will convince you to do that aptitude and HR Shit and whether you pass or fail they will not refund you 1000rs you paid for that test. Don’t listen to anyone if you don’t want to do training at crb. They will make you to pay minimum amount for Regestration and if don’t want to join training after demo classes they won’t refund any money of yours. Congratulations you have just been fooled haha. I request everyone not to receive calls from crb tech neither visit their office they are good at their convincing skills and if you are financially weak or bad they don’t care for your money and fools you so it’s an humble request please don’t visit CRB tech I repeat CRB tech all bullshit thugs

  3. 9607996736 , The Guy available on this number don’t know how to talk to candidates. Calling a candidate that too experienced and asking personal information. Please be professional guys.


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