Are Video Games Bad for You? Let’s Find the Truth

Since their introduction, video games have become part of children’s lifestyles. Many companies came and went with new ideas for games and gaming tools. With the advent of mobile phones, PCs, laptops, etc., games have become more accessible.

Video games were not a big deal unless they were inoffensive and nonviolent. However, with the introduction of violent video games and increasing addiction in children to these games, many parents came forward and raised concerns.

Experts from different institutions researched to see if it causes any problems in the children and how much. Even the research paper showed that video game addiction is harmful to children of all age groups.

Why Are Video Games Bad for You?

The game genre and the time spent playing video games are the two factors that decide the positive and negative effects of video games on children.

The obsession with video games has many adverse effects. The addiction can invite many complications while affecting the child, both mentally and physically. These complications are not only seen in children but also in adults who are addicted to video games. Let’s find the truth behind the negative effects of video games.

How video games affect the brain

How do Video Games Affect the Brain?

Over the past few years, psychologists have taken an interest in and conducted studies on the impact of video games. The American Academy of Pediatrics claimed in a survey that around 8.5% of youth (in the US alone) between the ages of 8 and 18 are affected with Internet Gaming Disorder.

These children spend around 6-7 hours a day playing video games and show the following symptoms –

Impulsive & No Control Over Emotions

These gamers, addicted to video games, spend a lot of time in front of the screen. Violent or action games demand that they act instantly.

They are usually so consumed that they remain in the same zone after the game.

They also behave in the same way in real life. They respond to little things without giving much thought, which leads to other problems. These gamers, as adults, face trouble dealing with their emotions.

Easily Irritated

These gamers will likely get annoyed quickly when their parents ask them to stop playing video games. This behavior can also be seen in schools when teachers ask them to pay more attention.

They also get irritated over little things and sometimes react aggressively.

Aggression & Violence

These game addicts become aggressive and violent towards others. The ones who play violent games are more likely to show aggression and violence in real life. Aggression or violent conduct can be a sign of one’s inability to control emotions or other things in their life.

Socially Isolated

As these game addicts spend more time playing games, they don’t have time to interact much with their families. They also don’t go out, socialize, or engage in other activities.

A study conducted on 4th-grade students during the 2017-2018 academic year found that the increase in addiction to video games results in increased loneliness in children.

Depression & Anxiety Disorder

The people diagnosed with Internet Gaming Disorder also showed clinical symptoms of depression and anxiety disorder. They also showed signs of lower self-esteem.

Such symptoms can include the absence of real-life friends, the inability to cope with emotion, decreased academic achievement or extracurricular activities, etc.

You may learn more about the association between video gaming and psychological functioning here.

Lying About Gaming

Video game addicts often hear from their parents and friends that they should reduce their playtime and engage in other activities. To avoid this, the children start lying to them.

They still spend the same time playing video games, but they do this by hiding from everyone else. If they get caught and asked about it, they lie to them.

How Do Video Games Affect the Body or Physical Health?

The human body efficiently works if it gets regular physical activity, and in its absence, it can suffer. An inactive lifestyle and being a couch potato make you physically weak. A deficiency of rest leads to the same result. That’s the correlation between video games and physical health.

Why video game are bad

Many believe the body doesn’t tire when you spend most of the time sitting in one place and playing games. But this is not accurate. The body needs relaxation, even if all you do is play a game all day.

The lack of rest and physical activity can lead to many problems ranging from mild to severe. Video game addicts generally face these difficulties. Some of the video game’s effects on health are as follows –

Unhealthy Eating and Obesity

Gamers who are addicted to video games eat unhealthy food while playing. They also have midnight bites while playing late at night. These unhealthy eating habits and lack of physical activity can result in weight gain, which can lead to obesity in adverse conditions.

Physical Strain on the Hands, Back, and Neck

Our body needs rest after all the activities we do all day. Without rest, we become anxious, leading to different diseases as well. The video game addicts play without taking breaks and sit in front of screens for long hours. These habits lead to strain in other parts of the body, especially the hands, back, and neck.

Black Under-Eye Rings and Weakening of Eyesight

We all know that lack of rest, especially lack of proper sleep, can result in black circles around the eyes. These rings signify poor health and the need for adequate sleep.

If we spend too much time in front of a digital screen, our eyes’ pupils, iris, and cornea cannot perform well. This can result in eye strain, nausea, vomiting, and weakening eyesight.

Shoulder Stiffness and Back Pain Caused by Poor Sitting Posture

These video game addicts spend 6-7 hours in front of the TV or computer screen without taking a break. Those who play video games on mobile phones sit in a curved position.

When they finally stand up or leave the chair, they feel strain in their shoulders and spine. Sometimes, these strains can result in back pain and other severe conditions.

What Are the Negative Effects of Video Games on Education?

Different research has been done over the years to determine the effects of video games on academics. The study results are positive and negative, depending on the game’s nature and the hours spent on gaming.

Why are video games bad

The students who spent limited time playing nonviolent games had positive effects. Playing nonviolent games helps study as it triggers creativity, and students pay more attention while studying.

However, the students who spend most of their time playing games are addicted to them and perform poorly academically.

Attention Problems

Many studies have suggested that children who spend most of their time playing games and looking at the digital screen find it challenging to focus for a long time. They are habitual of video game lighting effects, sound, and quick movements. The classroom lacks these effects, so the child cannot concentrate on the class for long hours.

Low Grades and Less Attendance

A study suggested that kids addicted to video games skip classes to play games or sleep to complete their sleep cycle. Even in class and awake, they cannot concentrate for long hours. All these habits lead to poor academic performance.

Do Video Games Improve Social Skills?

Engaging in different activities and upgrading oneself with other skills is essential to make a career and progress in real life. Video game addicts may acquire different gaming skills, but they will not benefit them in real life or studies.

Are video game bad for you

They lack the essential skills to survive in real life and invite different diseases due to a lack of physical activities. The lack of these skills makes them irresponsible or immature adults. Gamers generally lack these skills –

Inability to Distinguish between Fantasy and Reality

People suffering from Internet Gaming Disorder often cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality. The game so bewitches them that they remain in the same mode even when the game is over.

Financial problems

Video games often offer built-in paid features that players can buy to enhance their gaming skills or improve the game. Players carelessly spend their side income or pocket money in the game, which can lead to low financial growth as they grow up.

Lack of Time Management

The players who spend most of their time playing games cannot handle other things and engage in different activities. They don’t have time to go outside the home, socialize, read, do homework, or complete school/college assignments.

Wrong Moral Values

Children who play video games are exposed to the real world and interact with many people. This is fine unless the children are not displaying immoral values or inappropriate language.

Some video games portray women as weak and helpless. It can lead to building the wrong perception and often disrespecting the women they meet.


Video games have many negative effects, mostly when played continuously for hours. It is important to get rest and do physical activities to stay healthy. Gamers often avoid what they need to stay healthy, so they are more prone to diseases than anyone else.

These side effects are not only for children who are addicted to playing games. The addiction to video games affects adults in the same way as it does to children. So, health should be your primary focus, whether a child or an adult.

Playing video games is acceptable only when it isn’t becoming an addiction. Some studies suggested that addiction to video games has the same side effects as addiction to alcohol or drugs.

All parents must be aware of Internet gaming disorder symptoms and look out for them in their children. It can become a hindrance to their child’s mental and physical growth.

Playing a game for limited hours is rather beneficial for children. It can enhance their mood and refresh their mind. What do you think about this? Is addiction to video games good or bad for a child’s health? Share your views in the comments.

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