How to Check ADP Status Online with ADP Workforce Now Login?

ADP is a company based in America that provides human resource management software and payroll services. It also maintains a prepaid card-providing service. The prepaid card is getting popular nowadays because of some advantages. Generally, bank credit or debit cards are used to make payments while shopping online.

But what if you could use prepaid cards for the same?

It could be issued by a 3rd party company or a bank. All you need to do is prove your identity and provide the bare minimums. That’s all! You are good to go!

This article covers the ADP Workforce Now Login portal, ADP Login to MyCard, ADP Portal Login, or ADP Employee Sign in and ADP Aline Card activation process.

Check ADP Status Online with ADP Workforce Now Login

The ADP ALINE card is essentially a Visa or Mastercard prepaid debit card—not a credit card. Hence, there’s no credit build-up. You will only be able to pay the amount you’ve got on your card, nothing more. Most major companies are compatible with the cards now and allow transactions through them.

Check ADP Status Online

One of the classiest features of a prepaid card is that its status can be viewed online from anywhere in the world by logging in through the ADP Workforce Now Login portal. This article will guide you through the process:

ADP Workforce Now Login

The ADP Portal Login (ADP Self Service Portal Login) allows you to check into your pay and W2 tax claims, other than your ALINE cards’ status. You can also access ADP Payroll with the exact details.

After receiving the card, you need to head to the New User Registration to activate your card before you start using it. There, you can choose a PIN for verification. If you’ve forgotten your pin or would like to change it, you can access the cardholder website at or by calling ADP Customer Service at 1.877.237.4321.

ADP Self Service Portal Login Instructions

You can activate your Aline card by going to their official website here.

1. Enter your card details in that “Card Number” box and click the “Continue” button to proceed further.

Activate your Aline Card by ADP

2. The next page will ask you to verify your identity.

3. You must enter your details like Expiration Month, Year, and the last four digits of your Social Security Number. Then hit the “Continue” button to proceed further.

Verify your identity - Aline Card by ADP

4. That’s it. Once successfully registered on the website, you can easily view the card balance and status.

This is also where you can view your monthly statements. However, if you do not have Internet access regularly, you could request Cardholder services to repeat your transaction history at no extra cost.

Or an even smarter solution is to download the free ADP Mobile Solutions app.

You could view your transactions and balance anytime, anywhere, without the hassle of logging in every time.

Eligibility Criteria

An employee ID and password are all you need to access the portal.

How Does the Prepaid Card Work?

To use the prepaid card, you should have some amount of money. Your employer can add funds, or you can link your bank account, from where you could recharge it when necessary.

Whenever you make a purchase using the card, money equal to the purchase’s value gets deducted. You could even withdraw cash from the ATM using these.

ADP Aline Card

ADP Aline Card is also a prepaid card but has some differences. For example, it may be considered an agreement between the business and the employees or an online exchange and purchase.

Credit financial services back the ADP Aline Card. All Aline cards are connected to banks, and users can make transactions anywhere in the world through these. Pretty neat!

ADP Mobile Solutions App

Free ADP Mobile Solutions app

You can even download the free ADP Mobile Solutions app to check the status or balance on your prepaid card from anywhere and anytime. This application is available for both Android and iOS users. So I don’t think it will be a problem for most users since these two OS users are higher. However, it is to be noted that the user should pass an additional validation process to use it.

ADP Aline Card ATM Locator Service

Locate Aline ATM

You can easily locate an ATM to withdraw or load money into your prepaid ADP Aline Card anytime. You can check that here at this link. Then, based on your requirement, you can search for the ATMs easily using this locator Map.

What if a Card is Lost?

You should immediately report the damaged, stolen, or lost card to the ADP Customer Service or Cardholder services at 1.877.237.4321 so that your card can be deactivated. They would transfer the balance on the lost card to a replacement card sent to you at no extra cost.

Pros of Using Aline Card

  1. There is no overdraft penalty fee since you will not spend more than your available balance. So this is a huge savior for every individual when it comes to spending money.
  2. You can even use this card to fill your GAS. Ensure that you pay upfront to the cashier and then tell them exactly how much to fill for.
  3. You can even use these card details for automatic bill payments at the end of every month for expenses like TV, cell phone bills, etc.
  4. You can give any of your employers these card details to load money into this account.

Cons of Using Aline Card

  1. Aline card has only one disadvantage: you cannot overspend money from your account. It’s not like a credit card. You can only spend what you load on your Aline card. It will look like a huge drawback for some people, but this drawback is a huge dollar savior for some.

Further questions related to ADP Workforce Now Login are handled by the Cardholder services here. Good luck!

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