XNSPY Vs. Flexispy: Do We Have the Best Android Spying App Winner?


With so much happening in the mobile spying spectrum, there are many readers out there who want to know the best Android spying solution for their children, employees and even spouse. For this purpose, we have picked up the two best mobile spying apps to do a comparative review of features, pricing, compatibility and performance, before finally giving our verdict.

The Best Android Spying App

Starting off with XNSPY, here it is our XNSPY vs. Flexispy review:



This mobile spying app has been named as the best Android spying app on numerous forums and websites, and even though XNSPY may not have made to the top of the list for now, it certainly has a great potential.


The app is loaded with features (and so does Flexispy), therefore, we will only cover the best these apps have. XNSPY has 30+ features and include:

1. Real-time GPS tracking: This is the primary feature on any mobile spying app that you should have your eyes onto. And because we had been testing GPS tracking on mobile apps for sometime now, this is the feature with maximum discrepancies in terms of performance. Not all of these apps provide real-time location tracking, but Xnspy does; so that’s +1 for this app.

xnspy geo fencing

2. Geo-fencing: From your business’s delivery personnel, to your child at home, they all need this feature nowadays. Geo-fencing ensures that a person stays within the defined geographical boundaries; if not, the user of the app is notified immediately of any trespassing.

3. Phone logs tracking: From phone calls, to emails, to internet browsing history, and everything else that your phone is keeping log of, xnspy can most probably spy on it. The app can even access saved notes, text messages and contacts list too.

xnspy call logs

4. Social media spying: Whether it’s your children, employees or spouse, you can’t miss out on others’ social media activity. With XNSPY, you can track Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, iMessage, Viber, Line, Skype, Kik and a few other dating apps like Tinder on the monitored cell phones.

xnspy skype call

5. Remote commands: Though a spy app, xnspy can also be used as a monitoring tool that can help parents mediate their kids’ cell phone use. If your child is obsessing over Snapchat or new games, simply lock their phones. Or you could also take a remote screenshot off their devices and see what they are up to. Lastly, you can also use XNSPY for wiping data off a lost device.


XNSPY is compatible with all Android devices running Gingerbread 2.3 or above. You can also use this app on all rooted and unrooted Android devices.


One reason why we featured XNSPY in our review is because of the app’s decent pricing, because there aren’t many apps available that you could get at this price. These are the details:

XNSPY Android Basic

  • Monthly @ $49.99/month
  • Quarterly @ $69.99 ($23.33/month)
  • Yearly @ $99.99 ($8.33/month)

XNSPY Android Premium

  • Monthly @ $59.99/month
  • Quarterly @ $99.99 ($33.33/month)
  • Yearly @ $149.99 ($12.49/month)


We left Flexispy for the last, because there was so much that we need to talk about this app. The app really is an epitome of spying, but sadly, this isn’t a very great news for the users who want to legally monitor others’ device. Flexispy has been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons too often. i.e. for spouse spying. But if you are up for legal monitoring, there isn’t much wrong about this app (except for its price).


Flexispy is undisputedly the most advanced spying app around. The features set that Flexispy team has added on its website is very luring, especially for someone who is planning onto spy. Have a look at some of the top features on this app.

1. Keystrokes tracking: Are you looking for secretively accessing someone’s passwords. Well, you can do that using Flexispy. Just remember, that doing so is a criminal offense. Flexispy, unlike XNSPY, has some gray areas that could put its users to trouble; keystroking is one example of that.

2. FaceTime Spy Cam: With this feature, you can intercept FaceTime of the spied person and view their call sessions live. The feature however, doesn’t work in real-time and we have tested for that. We weren’t able to try all the features on this app, and we hope that others do work.

3. Phone logs spying: Flexispy can get hold of the targeted persons call logs, emails, internet browsing history, and many other logs.

4. Social media monitoring: The app has the most extensive social media tracking service. Whether its Snapchat, WhatsApp, or the less famous apps like telegram and WeChat, this app has got it covered.


Flexispy is advanced, but its no way cheap. Here are the details.

Flexispy Premium

  • 1 month @ $68
  • 3 months @ $99
  • 12 months @ $149

Flexispy Extreme

  • 3 months @ $199
  • 12 months @349

Note that all those quirky features like FaceTime call recording and keystrokes tracker are available only on Flexispy Extreme.

XNSPY vs. Flexispy: Performance

Features aren’t just everything, especially when you aren’t certain if you would be getting all of them upon subscribing. Performance on these apps mean a lot as they have to send data to an online server in real-time; that’s what these apps are about.

Both apps are very responsive with uploading data on their online servers, but one thing that potential spy app users should know is that Flexispy is a complicated app with more features, and this isn’t actually a great news.

For instance, the spied person’s mobile data is expended too quickly that could give them a hint about being possibly spied. Flexispy can also turn your phone a little groggy, just because of the same reason. We also experienced battery drain and heating issues on the phone with Flexispy installed on it.

XNSPY, on the other hand is a simpler best android spying app that targets only key phone logs. In fact, we noticed that it’s GPS tracking feature is very efficient and goes on smart sleep, when you aren’t getting any leads from the device. But this app isn’t as fancy as it sounds right now. XNSPY has its issues too, like the the call recording feature isn’t reliable; If the spied user isn’t using a fast connection, XNSPY can miss out on the recording.

Final Verdict

Both apps have their solid pros and cons, and therefore, we have devised a breakdown of our final verdict. Check it out:

Features Performance Pricing
Flexispy is definitely a winner in this department with its feature-packed app. If you are really looking for some super-crazy features, Flexispy is the only app who has got them. XNSPY wins on the performance with smooth, light and efficient app. It lags little and uploads everything timely without intruding the target device. XNSPY completely rips off Flexispy with its subscription. On average, Flexispy is three times more expensive than XNSPY; in fact, we didn’t come across an app that was cheaper than xnspy.


Winner: Xnspy is our winner and probably the best Android spying solution, because it provides a better all-around features, pricing and performance.

Who do you think is the best Android spying software? We are waiting to hear from you.


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