10 Ways to Drive Traffic with Video Content

This year, your marketing strategy ought to be fine-tuned to meet the ever-growing demands of the digital world. Approximately 81% of businesses use explainer videos in their marketing campaigns, and if you want to overcome the competition, you really need to get on board.

What is video marketing, and why is it important for building an online presence?

Video marketing is unlike content marketing, in the sense that it is visual. Since consumers love to watch and share videos, you can really capitalize on this form of communication by tweaking your videos according to your audience’s wants and needs. So effective is video content that 97% of marketers claim it has improved user understanding of the product and/or service they are trying to promote.

Video content marketing traffic

As a matter of fact, 76.5% of small business owners and marketers are reaping the rewards of video marketing, according to Animoto’s Social Video Forecast. Why not do the same? It’s time to enlighten you on the subject of video content and turn you into a marketing master! 

Types of Video Content and Why it Works for Driving Traffic

Marketers are exploring the many options available nowadays and looking at competitor tactics to determine what works and what doesn’t. While it may be a case of trial and error, you are sure to find a type of video content that works for you.

Let’s take a look at some of the most influential high-converting video options: 

  • Viral Videos – This type of video will spread across the Internet at a rapid rate. When this happens, unknown brands can be pushed into the mainstream market overnight.
  • Social Media Videos – Any type of video you see shared on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram will be shareable. Users can comment, like, and distribute the content elsewhere if they find it to be of value to them.
  • Tutorials and Product Demonstrations – Showing your audience how your products work will influence buyer behavior, so start making some appealing tutorials!
  • Video Series – Providing your audience with fresh content on a daily or weekly basis will keep them interested. An example of a successful ongoing video series is the “Meet the Makers” series by Intel.
  • Animated Videos/Explainer Videos – Animation is really gaining popularity this year. Appealing to the old and young, animated explainer videos can be used to simplify complex topics.
  • Webinars/Vlogs – Grant your audience access to exclusive content by creating visual webinars and Vlogs.
  • Testimonials – Customers are more likely to work with companies that post unbiased testimonials on their website, blog, or social media page.
  • Live-streaming Event Videos – Planning an event or presentation? Stream it live to your audience and make them feel as though they are a part of it! Streaming tools include

10 Powerful Ways to Increase Traffic and Sales with Video Content

Web users are actively using their smartphones and wireless-enabled devices to share content, view content, communicate and buy products/services. Predicted to dominated other forms of traffic by next year, video content is a valuable tool that you simply must use if you want to be noticed in your specialist field.

Below are 10 tried-and-tested methods of attracting targeted traffic through the use of quality video content: 

  1. Make a Video Checklist – First things first, make a note of what you want to include in the video, what message you want to send, and how you will do it. If you need an outline, check out this blog on Squareship for a video production checklist.
  2. Use Social Advertising – Billions of people are logging onto social media platforms on a daily basis. Grasp their attention by investing in social advertising.
  3. Attention-grabbing Opening – The first 10 seconds count, so make the most of them! Capture attention instantly with something that offers the ‘wow factor’. This could be a sublime outdoor setting, a bold headline, or perhaps a question that resonates with your audience.
  4. Optimize Video for Search – You can accomplish this by writing an SEO-rich description and title. Don’t forget to include a thumbnail that attracts viewers. Perform basic SEO correctly, and Google will reward you with a high ranking.
  5. Focus on Storytelling, Not Sales – Most people will click the ‘X’ on their browser if they are slammed with sales messages. Subtle calls to action are encouraged, as well as storytelling that relates to your brand.
  6. Educate the Audience – As much as 65% of a typical audience will be visual learners; therefore, you ought to include an educational element in your videos if you want to drive continuous traffic.
  7. Customize Digital Marketing Activities – Deemed a new marketing strategy; customization is key to meeting the needs or demands of your customer. Gather relevant data from customers using customized CRM software. I recommend trying the Pipedrive.
  8. Introduce Influencers in your Videos – An influencer could be someone famous or a well-known person who is active in your industry. You might also consider introducing the boss of your company into videos as a way of promoting authenticity.
  9. Make Use of Data Sheets – Visually enhancing graphs and charts should be included on a datasheet, which displays information about products, pricing, printing, and distribution.
  10. Diversify Video Content to Make it Shareable – Mix things up to keep your video marketing exciting. Live stream videos, create 360-degree videos of your company headquarters, develop a weekly how-to series, or do something out of the ordinary and go viral!

Remember to choose your marketers wisely if you plan on outsourcing tasks. Keep in mind that viewers absorb 95% of the message being told in video format, which is a stark contrast to the 10% of information that people retain when they read the text, according to statistics published on Wordstream. A report by Cisco revealed how, by the year 2019, 80% of consumer traffic would be driven by video, proving why you need to start integrating visuals into your marketing plan.

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