Every year, companies use the latest technology to design new devices and gadgets to make your sleeping process easier. It is considered that excessive use of technology is one reason for the lack of quality sleep. Even though the negative impact of technology cannot be overlooked, today, the same technology has been used for designing various devices to improve sleep. Have a look over top 5 gadgets available in sleep tech market.

Sleep tech market

Connection between Technology and Sleep

Using technology in bed during the night has its pros and cons. It is quite obvious that majority of the people these days go to bed with a Smartphone or tablet instead of a novel. Many doctors and physicians advise patients who are deprived of quality sleep to avoid taking technology to their bed. Therefore, you need to be very careful and use technology that helps you to sleep better.

Better sleep is essential for all human beings. Studies have proven that a person who sleeps well is free from many diseases. Better sleep ensures weight loss, low stress and low anxiety.

Top 5 Gadgets in Sleep Tech Market

1. 2Breathe

2Breathe is a smart device available in sleep tech market that you need to strap around your waist when you are in bed. The device is designed to change your breathing pattern to soothing tones that guides you to breathe slowly. Thus, neural sympathetic decreases, mind and body calms down and helps you to fall asleep. The sleep inducer automatically shuts off once you fall asleep. The gadget is connected to an app that helps you to track information such as the time taken to fall asleep, number of wake ups and many more details that allows you to study your sleeping pattern.

2. Sleep Infuser

National Sleep foundation has found that noise that is below 40 decibels and above 70 decibels can keep you awake through the night. This implies that the water dripping sound from your bathtub can disturb your sleep equally, if not more than the loud noise from your speaker. In order to overcome the noise problem, there is a new gadget called Sleep Infuser. The Sleep Infuser gadget not only masks sound but also produces a pattern of low pulses like the blowing of wind or the rushing of water that makes you fall asleep and ensures you get sound sleep for 8 hours.

3. Drift Light

The drift light is another easy to install LED light that can help you fall asleep faster. Drift light slowly dims the light within 37 minutes of its action. Thus, it allows your brain to relax and produce more melatonin that is essential for getting proper sleep. The easy to use drift light comes with a life span of 30000 hours.

4. Smart Bed

Sleep number 360 is a smart bed that adjusts itself and the pillow according to your body movement during the night to ensure you get a good night’s sleep without any disturbance. Smart bed is also a good device for solving snoring problems of your partner. When your partner starts snoring, the smart bed will raise the side of your partner’s bed so that the snoring stops automatically without disturbing your sleep. http://www.thebest-mattress.org/ features a lot of reviews about the best mattresses that are available for ensuring good quality sleep.

5. Kryo Mattress Topper

Temperature is very important for getting good sleep. If the temperature in the room is high, then you will start to turn and toss and it affects your sleep. Kryo mattress topper is a water based app that controls the temperature and reduces it to 16 degrees so that you can get good quality deep sleep. Sleeping in cooler temperature helps to produce good amount of brown fat, burn more calories during the day time and make you think clearly and sharply.


If you are looking for a solution to improve your sleep pattern, you can use any of the gadgets available in sleep tech market described above to improve your sleep pattern.