Top 20+ Pros and Cons of Cell Phones in Our Lives

A research was published in Psychology Today (2014), which focuses on how people of different age groups – 18-24, 25-34, 35-49, and 50-68 – use different types of mobile technology. We found that young adults prefer text messaging as a primary way of communication in our lives. It shows the importance of cell phones in our lives. In contrast, older adults first examine whether messaging is the right way to communicate what they want to say. The same study suggests that 80% of adults older than 50 years receive or send fewer than ten texts per day. Additionally, 90% of adults from every age group make less than ten calls per day.

How Cell Phones Have Changed Our Lives

Technology has changed how we communicate with each other and has also shifted our expectations in relationships. With the introduction of instant messaging apps, people expect to get a quick response from the other end. Romantic relationships are one of the examples that fit this perfectly. Our reliance on text messaging has also affected our communication skills, and smartphones are killing conversation.

Even if we aren’t using smartphones to converse, we end up taking out our phones in the middle of face-to-face interaction. 89% of Americans confessed that they took out their smartphones in their last conversation. Additionally, 82% even admitted that it ruined the conversation they were having. But we can’t blame this on smartphones alone. Every mobile phone technology has its pro-cons; hence, you will also find the pros and cons of cell phones. It depends on us, how we use or misuse it.

Pros of Cell Phones

The pros and cons of cell phones

There are many advantages of cell phones and the ways cell phones impact on society and communication in our lives. If you are looking for good things about cell phones, read on and learn why cell phones are good.

Constant Connection

Mobile phone technology has helped us stay in continuous touch with anyone throughout the day. We can send messages to anyone living in any part of the world instantly. It also helps contact the concerned person immediately in an emergency.

Information and Accessibility

Cell phones have made every information accessible to use. We can use different types of mobile technology to access and gather data for study or research purposes. People use various platforms to read news, study, and learn about other hobbies. It is also possible to get a degree from any University while sitting in your home.

Time and Efficiency

Mobile phone technology saves our time by allowing us to multitask simultaneously. Communication has become more comfortable with the advent of endless applications. These apps enable us to send text and share videos, photos, etc., with our dear ones using the same device.

Social Networks

Social networking sites and apps have changed how we meet people, make friends, and share memories online.

Made Us Calmer

People used to get frustrated and angry when stuck in the traffic or waiting for something for hours. Now, they take out their mobile phones and watch funny videos or check social media feeds to entertain themselves.

The pros of cell phones - support

Help Remember Things

Smartphones come packed with many features like alarm or event reminder apps. People can just set up reminders for meetings, anniversaries, deadlines for the project, etc., to stay up-to-date with their schedule.


Smartphones have become a primary entertainment source and communication in our lives. We can watch different movies, read e-newspaper, e-books, play games, etc., to take a short break from work/study or while waiting for someone.

Light Weighted

Smartphones have become a mini version of PCs. It carries everything, including a calculator, camera, map, notepad, etc., in one small device. We can hold our cell phone in hand or casually keep it in a pocket. It reduces the hassle of carrying separate devices for different purposes reducing the overall weight of our bag.

Monitoring Kids

Working parents/guardians stay away from their kids. Smartphones are the best invention for them. It helps them connect with their kids, stay updated with their activities, and see them whenever they want.

Pre-planing and Socializing

Smartphones and social media apps may have cut down our interaction with the rest of the world. But when it comes to our close ones, smartphones help us explore options and make plans in advance. We can’t ignore the positive impact of smartphones on society and our social life.

Cashless Transactions

With the world advancing towards becoming digital, we no longer have to carry cash and debit/credit cards everywhere. Smartphones, nowadays, come with a digital wallet, which lets you securely make a payment whenever you want.

Wireless Security

Nowadays, there are many ways to secure your home, from installing a camera to an intercom device. These devices provide security for users, especially those who live alone or have old parents at home. The user can connect them with their smartphones and stay updated with everything.

Cons of Cell Phones

We can’t forget how smartphones have changed our lives and the good things about cell phones. But we also can’t neglect the negative side of using different types of mobile technology.

The cons of cell phones - cyberbullying

Data Breaches

Cellphones have become an essential source of communication in our lives. They carry every small to large detail, including credit card information, personal photos, passwords, and much more. Hackers are always looking for these data to exploit the victim or steal his identity. Here’s how to find out who hacked your cell phone.


We have become so dependent on our mobile phones that we no longer bother to remember small things. We set reminders for meetings, save phone numbers, seek directions, and search for every little detail. Instead of improving the knowledge, it is limiting our capacity to remember things.

Decreased Communication Skills

Different types of mobile technology have opened doors to various communication methods – text messages, video calls, audio calls, etc. But it has also interfered with the way we interact with someone face-to-face. We keep checking our phones in-between the live conversation, which disturbs the present moment. It is another reason people are becoming more anti-social with time.

Lack of Nature

Being buried in cell phones limits the time we spend in nature. For example, today’s children spend more time playing video games inside the home than going outside to play and make friends.


People have developed a severe addiction to different mobile phone technology and don’t know how to do anything without them.

Incorrect Spelling and Grammar

Due to a fixed word limit, people use abbreviations and text lingo for every general term (while sending a message or posting an update on platforms like Twitter). It has changed how we communicate and write, and even emojis have become another form of language. These factors have resulted in poor grammar and increased spelling mistakes while writing a research paper or doing a project.

Ruined Sleeping Patterns

After working the whole day, we become tiresome, and all we can see is the bed. Still, instead of going to sleep, we spend hours watching videos or go through our social media feeds limitlessly. As a result, we sleep late and wake up all frustrated and tiresome the next morning to get ready for work.


Smartphones keep us engaged and connected with everyone we know. Due to this, we have become addicted to staring at our phone screens and checking notifications constantly. This habit distracts us from enjoying what is around us and what we are doing then.

The cons of smartphones

Waste of Time

We have become dependent on cell phones. We don’t open books or dictionaries to find information. We only prefer Google. We search for one thing but move to second, third, fourth, and so on, and forget to save our time for other activities. The internet and cell phones saving our time, but addicted people don’t realize the loss of time.

Virtual Socialization

We are trying to interact with our family and friends virtually instead of our physical presence. Social media platforms are being used to connect instead of in-person meetings. We prefer to sit in our rooms and doing fewer physical activities.

Waste of Money

The cost of cell phones is increasing with time. Every brand has flagship phones. They have become social status. People buy them to show off. They don’t think it is a waste of money.

Similarly, online marketplaces offer huge discounts and lucrative deals, so people buy them with necessity.


Now, you know the pros and cons of mobile phones and can say technology brings advantages and disadvantages to our lives. It is our responsibility to use technology to improve our lives instead of becoming its slaves. If you believe a cell phone is important for day-to-day activities, there are many benefits of not having a smartphone. You can live with your choice, but the middle path is always better.

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