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The computer monitoring software has developed as a significant aspect of employee and child monitoring. While on one side, the monitoring software enables the employers to supervise the computer and internet use of their workers and protect the sensitive company data and assets, on the other, it allows parents to prevent their kids from exposing to adult content reaching through the computer devices. However, choosing the best software from the bulk can be a daunting task. To help you pick the best, we have reviewed the top-notch computer monitoring software TheOneSpy. TheOneSpy is a cross-platform tracking software that enables employers and parents to supervise the use of desktop and laptop computers running Windows and MAC operating systems.

How Does TheOneSpy Work?

The monitoring software is required to be installed on the computer device of your target, be it offspring or employees. The software gets activated immediately after the installation and accesses the information saved on the target computer, including the internet browsing history, apps, emails, and keystrokes, among others. The computer data is automatically uploaded to the online account of the tracking software. The end-user is given access to that online account, which they can log in from any device, putting the confidential identifications. This account is used to monitor and control certain operations of the targeted Windows and MAC devices.

Windows & MAC Monitoring Software

Core Features of TheOneSpy

The factors that make the monitoring software stand out are reliability, security, and feature-richness. It is exactly what TheOneSpy offers. We have discussed here the core features of the tracking software to give you an insight into it.

1. Monitor Internet Use

Internet helps the businesses to streamline operations, increase brand awareness, and get more leads. At the same time, unsupervised internet access can cause your business to bear a major monetary and productivity loss. The Internet is replete with distractions, and it keeps distracting people without any break. If you do not bother to monitor the internet use of your workers, you are allowing them to be distracted. The majority of the employees misuse the company internet for their purposes. Rather than using it for the company’s interest, they use it for doing online shopping, watching porn, downloading movies, or searching for the new job. The computer monitoring software allows employers to monitor the web surfing activities of their workers. It shows the user-friendly statistics about the date, time, and frequency of visiting websites and searching for information on internet browsers.

2. Website Blocking

As well as monitoring the web activities of your workers, the MAC monitoring software lets the employers control internet access. They can block access to objectionable or unwanted websites such as music and video streaming sites. Meanwhile, parents can block adult websites so their children can use the internet without the fear of exposing them to age-inappropriate and sexually explicit material. TheOneSpy MAC monitoring software lets you block the websites by putting URL of the site or entering keywords to block all the web pages having those words.

3. Screenshots & Screen Recording

Do you want to see what your workers or children see on their computers at present? The screen recording feature of the tracking software enables you to monitor the real-time activities of your target remotely. You can send a command to capture screenshots or make a short video of whatever appears on the screen of the targeted computer. These screenshots and recordings get uploaded to the software account from where you can download them as well.

4. Monitor Surroundings

The surround tracking software enables parents and employers to keep an eye on the surroundings of children and workers. You can control the camera and microphone of your targeted computer and can see what is happening around. For example, parents can send a command to the monitored computer of their children to see whether their kids are busy doing studies or engaged in other activities. Similarly, employers can remotely spy on their employee’s devices, cameras, and microphones. The bugging feature of the monitoring software lets you take photos, short record videos, and audios.

5. Keylogger

The monitoring software also offers keystroke logging and provides the keystrokes of passwords, usernames, and email addresses. The employers can use these keystrokes to operate the official online accounts of their workers to detect the clues of wrongdoing. Similarly, parents can closely watch out the email and other online accounts of their kids to ensure they are not engaged in misconduct.

6. Track Emails

Email is a commonly used tool for bullying, scamming, and hacking. Your employees may respond to a phishing email, putting the company data and the whole network at risk. Similarly, your children might be receiving bullying or scamming emails from someone. The Windows and MAC monitoring software allow you to track the incoming and outgoing emails of your target. You can read the content of each email and can see the email address of the sender or receiver.

What are Pluses?

It is compatible with both Windows and MAC computers.

It offers many high-tech features of computer spying, including bugging.

What are Minuses?

It does not allow setting screen time limits for children.

Compatible Devices

The computer monitoring software is compatible with Windows OS versions7, 8, 10, and macOS versions 10.5 to 10.12. The supported computers include Dell, HP, Sony, Acer, Samsung, MacBook, Mac Mini, and iMac.


The cost of computer monitoring software varies with the operating system of the targeted device and subscription period. For example, the one-month subscription of the MAC monitoring software is priced at $25, and the one-year subscription of the Windows monitoring software is around $50. These prices may fluctuate from time to time. You can see the latest Windows and MAC software prices.


Of the computer spy software, TheOneSpy is an efficient and inexpensive monitoring solution for parents and employers. The employers can take the support of the software to put their workforce under surveillance. The parents can monitor the computer use of their children to safeguard them from the threats in the online world.


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