As a blogging platform Blogger is really simple. Even a layman can use and manage different settings. To upload new blog template is not difficult as beginners think. Recently Blogger has made some important changes for better blogging. Many new options have been added and old options moved and transformed. One of the new feature is taking Backup Blogger template or restore it. You can easily restore blogger template if you want to use older blogger template. Taking backup and uploading new Blogger template is a work of less than 5 minutes. I have created a pictorial representation to understand all steps in a better way.

Backup Blogger Template, Restore Blogger Template

Backup Blogger Template Or Restore It

› Go to Blogger dashboard
› Click on [down arrow icon] next to post icon
› Then select [Template] tab
› After that look at top-right corner there is [Backup/Restore] button left to gear icon
› Now click on [Download full template] button which is of orange color
› If you want to upload a new template then click on [Browse…] button and choose template file in xml format
› And then press [Upload] button just below file browse option
› One you’re done, you can press [Close] button

Backup Blogger Template Or Restore It – Pictorial Guide

Back up or restore Blogger template
Reference Image 1
Back up or Restore Blogger template 2
Reference Image 2

I believe tutorial is self explaining. If have doubts please let me know through blog comments.