How to Backup Blog Posts, Pages and Comments – Blogger Tutorial


If you’re a blog publisher aka blogger, then you may have to worry about blog hacking or blog deletion by Google for an unknown reason. Always stay up to date and take a backup of blog posts, pages, and comments. You can back up content in XML format which contains blog posts, pages, and comments. It can save all your efforts and hard work of a long period in a single file of a few megabytes.

Here is a guide to take the backup your blog from Blogspot/Google Blogger.

If you want to merge two blogs hosted on Blogger, then this option is handy. It can also be helpful when you plan to shift from Blogger to WordPress.

You can keep this backup on the hard drive or some cloud service like DropBox or Google Drive.

Steps to Backup Blog Posts, Pages, and Comments

Download the backup of your Blog on the Blogger/Blogspot

  1. You need to go to the “Dashboard”. There you need to check the “Settings” option. In the hierarchy click on “Other”, the option to “Import & back up” is available.

Dashboard › Settings › Other › Import & back up

Google Blogger - back up content option

2. Now you have to click on “Back up Content” button as shown above. A pop-up window comes out.

Import & back up › Backup contentPop up appearsSave to your computer

Google Blogger Other Back up Content

3. Now click to “Save to your computer” button to save back up content.

Google Blogger Other Back up Content XML

Finally, back up your content is on your hard drive, save it for future use.


Taking the back up of your blog – blog posts, pages, and comments is a work of a few steps. It’s a handy option. This backup content can be imported into major blogging platforms, including WordPress or merge two Blogger blogs.

I believe this article will be useful to you.


  1. Your Post helped me to learn and implemented how to backup post and comments in my blogger sites. Thanks

  2. Hi.
    After import* posts, pages and comments to get content as it was (as I want) ALL my posts and pages URLs became unavailable (replaced by Blogger for others different and unwanted URLs) and ALL my posts and pages search descriptions disappeared.

    *as XML file by default from hard disk

    e.g. of url page before import = /p/terms-and-conditions.html e.g. of url page after import = /p/terms-and-conditions_35.html

    After realized the mess done, I imported the previous saved content hoping that will get ALL the original posts and pages url but didnt work out.

    I didn’t know this import would cause this kind of problem, besides content duplication which is quite bad too. I need to get back all the ‘original’ URLs and the search descriptions of every post and page. I need to reverse this situation, that can hurt SEO badly for sure.

    Someone can help me?


    • You may need to do manually edit these permalinks. It may due to similar permalink already exists.

  3. I was searching about writing blog content and just found your blog. You have written a great article about content writing. I will apply all these tips while writing my blog post. Thanks for sharing!


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