Top 10 Movie Streaming Websites to Watch Free Movies


Movies are one of the utmost form of entertainment. There are several online movie streaming websites. Streaming movies is very beneficial for people who do not want to keep movies and fill up the space on their devices. Not only movies but a lot of these sites also stream TV series and along with hosting a variety of content. Below are the ten most popular movie streaming websites to watch free movies online. The list includes a mix of paid as well as free movie streaming services.

free movie streaming websites

Free Movie Streaming Websites

1. Crackle

This is a streaming service which has partnered with Sony Pictures to bring some of the good movies to you. The service is free of cost for the user but that means that they have commercial breaks while the movie is playing. But do not worry they are small and less in number. The movies on offer are of high quality and they look good even on the big screens. Some of the famous titles on offer are Cruel Intentions, Battlefield Earth and The Breed to name a few.

2. Viewster

Viewster has a vast collection of movies to watch and the collection is accompanied by several TV Series. Here there are movies which you have heard of as well as some which might not be famous but rest assured that you will have fun while watching them. There are ads sometimes during the playback but that is to keep the service free. This service offers website as well as a mobile app.

3. Yidio

Yidio has a number of categories to watch movies online and one of them is free streaming so it is not dedicated to free streaming but that does not make it any less enjoyable. There are sorted genres which you can use to browse movies. Along with that users can sort movies based on their ratings like PG-13, or A. The service offers free TV shows too.

4. Tubi TV

There are several movies and TV shows that you can watch for free here. Although all the titles are not for free viewing but some of them are. The website has number of genres to sift through and find the perfect movies for yourself. There is also a different form of categories like Trending, not on Netflix and Highly Rated on Rotten Tomatoes.

5. Top Documentary Films

This service is for those people who are fan of documentary films. This service is for watching all the public domain documentaries. There are all sorts of documentaries that you can see here which includes nature films as well as documentaries on engineering. There are a few movies too which a user can watch but the primary attraction is documentaries.

6. Classis Cinema Online

This service is for those people who are interested in the silent movies. There is a good collection of silent movies on the website. You can find a small collection of movies here to watch but their USP is the silent movies which also star a few that era’s biggest stars.

7. Netflix

From the paid movies we come to the service we come to the giant of paid content. Netflix offers many movies, TV and shows to watch. The entire service is structures around the user, so that they can get a customized service. Along with that they give them access to every content available. The service is for a meagre amount per month and you get to enjoy it on multiple devices as well as superior quality depending on the plan that you choose.

8. Hulu

Hulu is the choice of people who want access to all the cable programs and they do not want to shell out cash for a cable connection. The service also offers several original contents, as well as a selection of offbeat movies. These movies are different and will give you a dissimilar experience. You can also find several classic Anime series. You still should sit through some commercials but far fewer that it would have been with cable.

9. Amazon Video

It is a very popular service people who do their shopping online. Amazon Prime gives you access to several popular titles and several unique content. The Prime service packages a few features related to shopping and Kindle. Amazon has an upper-hand when it comes to comedy content or children’s programmes. This is because of its deal with Viacom which controls major children TV channels. It also includes a service for latest movies but that is an a-la-carte service.

10. YouTube

No list about movies or video streaming services is complete without mentioning YouTube. User can browse many movies on YouTube. Some of these movies are free and you can watch them at no cost. Then there are other movies that you can watch after you have paid a one-time fee to rent them for a specific period. The popular titles are obviously paid. YouTube is the bridge between free and paid services for movie streaming.

These are a few services which can let you stream online. There are a lot more, so you need to explore.


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