How Does the Amazon Fire TV Stick Work?


Have you ever heard of the Amazon Fire TV Stick? Well, it is one of the newest devices from the Amazon Company, which is currently changing the game for home entertainment streaming options. You will be able to plug in the fire stick into the HDMI port provided with your television and enjoy the fantastic movies and TV shows in the best way. There are subscription services, games, photos, music, videos, and so much more. Whatever content you love, Amazon Fire TV Stick has probably got it for you. So, there is no doubt that you can easily carry your media with you no matter where you go.

Why Do You Need Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Streaming technology is on a roll these days, and there is no doubt that most people want to be a part of this trend for sure. However, streaming shows and movies can be a difficult task and often requires a lot of effort which often tends to de-motivate the people. But then with the help of Amazon Fire TV Stick, everything becomes a lot simpler and easier. No longer do you have to wait in order to see your favorite show or movie. So, what are you waiting for people? Go ahead and order your very own Amazon Fire TV Stick right now.

How does Amazon Fire TV Stick Work?

Amazon Fire TV Jailbreak

While Amazon Fire TV Stick is a wonderful device, there is a subscription fee that users have to pay to get access to their favorite shows and movies. However, with the Amazon Firestick Jailbreak option, they don’t have to pay any subscription fee for sure. By jailbreaking, they can get access to different apps and streaming sites on Amazon Fire TV Stick.

What Do You Get With Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Just imagine how great it would be if you could just carry your TV around anywhere you went. Whether it is a flight journey or just a short vacation, it doesn’t matter. It is just the kind of functionality that you can expect from the Amazon Fire TV Stick. To be honest, there will be all the different types of content that you like from videos to photos and from movies to TV shows, which are your favorite. What we love about it more is that the Amazon TV Fire Stick is actually pretty portable. All you have to do is remove the stick from the HDMI port of the TV, and you are all set to carry it around with you no matter where your destination is. In order to use it with the TV again, you just have to plug it in, and then it is ready to use. Doesn’t that seem absolutely simple to do? No longer do you have to miss out on the TV shows and movies just because you are not at home.

For the members of Amazon Prime, there are some special benefits provided. The Fire TV Stick from Amazon is already registered to the account of the Amazon Prime Members. Hence, you will have access to every single contest that happens on Amazon Prime, which is one of the best things for sure. You will get to know all about the updates just after plugging in the Fire TV Stick right into the HDMI port of your TV. Apart from that, if you are an Amazon Prime Member, there is a chance that you will be able to choose from a wide range of different Amazon Originals which is not a choice for the average user of Amazon Fire TV Stick.

With the amazing box of Amazon Fire TV Stick, you are also provided with amazing materials that would make your experience of using the device even more interesting and amazing. There is the Amazon Fire TV Stick, the USB cable, the remote, the power adapter, 2 AAA batteries, HDMI extender, and an instructional guide on setting up the Amazon Fire TV Stick. You can get through a quick starter guide.

We love the Amazon Fire TV Stick for the wealth of features that it provides such as:

  • 1 GB memory
  • Internal storage of 8GB
  • Additional voice support which is optional
  • Dual antenna, dual-band Wi-Fi
  • A VideoCore4 GPU

How Does the Amazon Fire TV Stick Work?

While there are other amazing devices such as Chromecast and Roku in the market, there is nothing that can come close to Amazon Fire TV Stick. So, when it comes to using the device, most people would want to know how exactly it works?

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is supposed to be plugged into the HDMI port which is provided in your television with the help of the USB port that is provided. You will also be able to use it with Wi-Fi, and there is a Bluetooth operated remote provided as well. All you have to do here is plug the device in, and you will see a setup process aligned perfectly with the right steps. You have to sign in with the Amazon Account that you have in order to operate the device.

The device actually acts as the central repository for different types of content that you need. After logging in, you can have access to different music options and videos that you purchased with the account of yours. Not just that but you will also be able to see all the pictures which remain stored on the service of Amazon Cloud storage in your account.

Along with the amazing photos and video, there is no doubt that Amazon Fire TV Stick is filled to the brim with interesting games and other applications. Let us provide you with an example right here. You can easily use your device to open the app Netflix so that you can watch all the videos and shows that are offered to you. Also, if you are in the mood to watch some YouTube videos, there is no doubt that you can do that too. There are some other services provided as well such as HBO Now, Hulu, ESPN and so much more. When you pay the desired fee, you can choose the channels that you want.

For playing the games that are available on Amazon Fire TV Stick, you need to have the controller which you can easily purchase from the official website of Amazon.

Fire TV Stick vs. Fire TV

One of the most important things that people need to know is the difference between Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick that is provided by Amazon. There are so many instances when people tend to get a little bit confused about the Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick. While these products from Amazon tend to provide the same kind of services and have Bluetooth remotes with them, there are still some differences in both these devices. So, here we are going to talk a little bit about the differences between Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick.


One of the most important differences which would be visible to the eye of the beholder is the difference in size between these two devices. The Amazon Fire TV Stick has a pretty smaller size than Fire TV. Also, another difference is that the Fire Stick is a stick which is 3 inches long and will easily plug into the TV of the user. However, the Fire TV is basically a console, and although it has a sleek design, it is not that small. Hence, for those who want a proper minimalist appeal, choosing the former device would be a better idea.


The Amazon Fire TV Stick tends to be a lot cheaper than Amazon Fire TV. The total cost of the Fire TV Stick is about $39.99, which is considered to be an affordable rate. However, the Fire TV costs around $99 in total. It means for those who are looking forward to buying the device on a budget, choosing the Amazon Fire TV Stick would be the best idea.


Here are another one of the main differences that you are going to find in these devices. There is a 1 GB RAM which is offered in the Amazon Fire TV Stick. But the Fire TV is offering 2GB RAM to the people. So, the Fire TV is the device which is a bit more responsive when compared to the Fire TV stick. For the gamers out there who want better performance, choosing the Amazon Fire TV would be the best option because the loading speed will be better and they don’t have to face the lags and delays.

Storage And Additional Ports

When you have Amazon Fire TV Stick, there aren’t many options to expand it in the best way. However, with the Fire TV option, there is an Ethernet port, USB port, along with a MicroSD slot which makes it an easier option to access and store important content.


With your Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can watch videos with the quality of 1080p. However, in the case of Fire TV, the 4K streaming option is also available. Since the world these days is moving towards the involvement of 4K video watching, there is no doubt that having the Amazon Fire Stick can actually be better for you. It is the best sort of upgrade for the users too. It is all about the needs and requirements of the customer to choose the one option that they like the best.

So, these are some of the most important differences between the Amazon Fire TV Stick and the Amazon Fire TV. Make your choice from these two after considering all these factors properly.


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