Current Online Marketing Trends You Should Consider Allocating Funds For


As more and more marketers and business owners see the importance of and result from, online marketing in this day and age, the competition for customer attention and engagement in the digital space continues to rise. If you want to be able to stand out from the crowd then, it is necessary to stay on top of the latest trends in the arena so that you can make the best use of your marketing dollars.

If you’re worried about how to afford this, keep in mind that marketing is a key component of business success, and is a worthwhile investment when done right. To pay for your marketing efforts, you may want to consider sourcing a short-term business loan or, if you have an e-commerce store or other organization that takes transactions via credit and debit cards, you could utilize an affordable merchant cash advance. These are perfect for businesses that take payments online, via mobile devices, or using card-based point of sale machines, as funds are repaid using expected cash flow from future card sales.

Current online marketing trends

Current Online Marketing Trends

Once you have the necessary money available to start growing your business through digital marketing, you must make sure the funds are spent in the best way possible. Read on for some of the key eMarketing or online marketing trends you should consider following today to help you get noticed.

Live Video Streaming

Although videos have been used to great success by marketers for many years now, at the moment there is a rising trend for live video streaming, particularly on social media platforms where people are keen to get more “in-the-moment” content than ever before.

This specific form of content creation allows consumers and brands to connect directly, in real time, with current and potential customers being able to engage by following the stories of businesses and their products and services as a video is broadcasted live.

Some of the key platforms currently being used for this type of interaction include Periscope and Facebook Live. Fans and followers can get access to brand messages, updates, information on new releases, Q&A responses, and guest interviews as each becomes available, and can feel like they are getting insight into a world or event that otherwise may be inaccessible.

live video streaming

Data Visualization Tools

For marketers, data is one of the most important factors in not only deciding who to promote to and how and when to go about it, but also in determining how effective campaigns are, how best to tweak them in the future, and more.

However, for many people, trying to analyze and understand all of that quantitative information can be a headache because not only does it take too much time, but it can also be difficult to properly interpret. This is where the latest data visualization tools come in handy.

Now, technology is available that’s sophisticated enough to process and interpret huge amounts of raw, numerical data in an objective way. Tools such as Plotly, DataHero, Tableau, Raw, Dygraphs, ZingChart, Timeline, Exhibit, and InstantAtlas will be increasingly used over the coming months and years by businesses to really understand the best way to strategize and implement marketing campaigns across all types of formats and platforms.

Native Advertising

Native advertising (that is, material posted on websites and blogs that resembles the publication’s content style but that’s actually paid for by an advertiser and used to help promote its wares) has been popular for a few years now. Currently, though, it is increasing exponentially. Indeed, according to some reports, mobile native ads are expected to make up a whopping 63 percent of mobile display ad revenue by 2020.

This type of advertising is gaining popularity because it typically has much higher engagement rates than standard banner ads and fits more effortlessly into the user experience — native ads are all about, after all, creating content that is relevant, aligned, and a natural fit for the web.

Since consumers are so bombarded by ads and images these days they are turning away from the old “disruptive” type of advertising practices such as pop-ups and banners and other things that may hinder their experience. Instead, they are much more likely to read or watch content that relates to them specifically while also corresponding to the way they want to digest information.

Augmented Reality

While most people would not have expected the massive following that Pokémon Go received and the millions of dollars the app earnt every day at its peak, the Pokémon marketing phenomenon really helped to remind businesses of the benefits of augmented reality (AR).

The app showed marketers and entrepreneurs that consumers are definitely ready for AR experiences now and gave them an idea of the potential earnings that can be had by catering to this demand. With many more brands sure to capitalize on the trend with AR games, advertisements, apps, and more, this is one new movement that is really only just beginning.


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